Alternative Reality, Parallel Universe, Down the Rabbit Hole

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Recently the BDS movement has begun to decide who the Jewish people are and are not. They have decided that THEY and THEY alone will define “who is a Jew,”  “what or who is antisemitic (obviously not them)”and “what it means to be a Zionist.” Read the article HERE about a recent event in Los Angeles. It is ironic how the World never seems to acknowledge that  the Jewish people can really define themselves.
I find it rather interesting how people around the globe decide that they are going to be the ones to define your existence without actually asking you whether you agree or not. Point in context, the US during the invasion of Iraq found in the basement of one of Saddam Hussein’s many palaces a myriad of ancient Jewish artifacts. The US army then took possession of these treasures and they have been in US custody since then. The US State Department in it’ s infinite wisdom has decided to ignore Jewish claims to the religious artifacts and are sending them back to Iraq. They said that the Torahs belong to the Iraqi government. (Read more of the article here from Elder of Ziyon)
I don’t know about you but I am not sure that Iraq would qualify as a Jewish nation or even a place where Jews felt welcome. The irony of the situation is that the Jewish community that had existed in Iraq for over 2500 years since the time of the Babylonian exile actually predated the Islamic imperialist movement that swept through Iraq during the 7th century. Today that Jewish community no longer exists, forced out of Iraq through persecution and severe anti-Semitism. The reality is that it was never good for Jews in the Moslem world.
I am not sure where the fiction began that somehow it was a haven for persecuted Jews of Europe because it was not and never was. There was the special “Jew Tax,” assigned streets, special identifying clothing (including a suspicious yellow badge that would later be picked up by European anti-Semites), prohibitions from types of work, whom Jewish men could and could not marry (under penalty of death) prohibitions on walking on streets with Moslems and riding a horse because that would make them equal to a Moslem. Then of course, there were the expulsions and pogroms the same as in Europe. This of course all before European anti-Semitism reared its ugly head in the Middle East, then things just got even worse.The Arab nations, and particularly Iraq, sided with the Nazis regime and became a center of Nazis espionage. They passed laws eerily similar to the Nazis’ anti-Jewish laws and in reality they were in effect until the end of the Saddam Hussein regime. The only reason they were thrown out is because the original American who oversaw the transition period told the Iraqis, much to their consternation, that they could not keep these Nazi era laws. Additionally there were laws passed at the behest of the Arab League in 1947 which deprived the Jewish inhabitants of their land, monies and businesses in any Arab country in which a Jew resided. (Remember the Israeli war for Independence was not until 1948). It is not a wonder then that the overwhelming majority of the Jewish Iraqi community immigrated to Israel in the 1950s, leaving but a handful of families behind.Meanwhile, even though Jews were not considered Iraqi citizens and were never accepted as part of Iraqi culture, somehow some very ancient and priceless Jewish artifacts apparently belong to the Iraqi government. Oh, and if you think the government is any different today than it has been in the past think again. The tomb of the Prophet Ezekiel, which is located in Iraq, and had Hebrew scripture writing on it for generations, has just had the Hebrew removed. So tell me how well is the Iraqi government going to treat those Jewish relics?While the US State Department is at it, why don’t they hunt down some former Nazis and give them some left over Torahs too. Adolf Eichmann, the architect of the Holocaust, was fluent in Hebrew and he even had a degree in Judaic Studies. (Isser Harel writes in his book, The House on Garibaldi Street, that when they captured Eichmann in Argentina he tried to win them over by reciting one of the holiest prayers in all of Judaism, the Shema. Harel writes that at that point, he and his fellow Mossad agents left the room). What difference does it make whether those who persecuted Jews speak German or Arabic? Why should those that murdered your family have a right to your possessions? In the United States murderers cannot benefit from their crimes. So why is the US State Department allowing the Iraqi government to disenfranchise the Jewish people of some of their most valued treasures? I have an answer but I think you can parcel that one out for yourselves.

The Jewish people define themselves as an ethnic group. They have a religion, a culture and an attachment to a piece of land that is separate and distinct from any other culture on Earth. Judaism is made of three elements: the Jewish religion based upon Torah and Talmud, the Jewish people, complete with a language and a distinct culture separate from any other people on Earth, and land (State-Judea/Israel) where they came from and still revere in their religion, writings and celebrations. (The only state to have ever existed on that piece of land too)

I think in many respects that the issue is even simpler than granting dominion to the abuser over the abused. Who is the State Department to decide who and what are the Jewish people. What gives the US State Department the right to decide that these characteristics are not important? What gives the State Department the right to decide that the Jewish view of self is immaterial? That somehow they know better than the Jews how to define the Jewish people and Judaism as a hole.

Unfortunately this is just another stepping stone in the eons and eons of the enemies of the Jewish people defining who the Jewish people are and who they are not. It never dawns on anyone to ask the Jews who we are. In fact, ironically when we do try to define ourselves, other societies like to tell us we are wrong, that we don’t know who we are. An English court just ruled that the definition of “Who is Jew” employed by a Jewish school is invalid. What’s next, are the English courts going to decide the validity of the Talmud? It was done once by Napoleon and thousands of Talmuds ended up being burned in Paris.

But in many respects this also falls into a modern context of legitimacy. The Arab world refuses to accept Israel’s existence and especially as a Jewish State. That is their new thing. That if they accept Israel, which of course they never will, they are going to be the ones who decide what kind of state Israel will be and thus once again the enemies of the Jews are trying to tell the Jewish people who they are. Those that spend their entire existence in promoting the murder of Jewish children are demanding the right to decide who and what the Jewish people are. Abu Mazen the head of the Palestinian Authority just reiterated the fact that the Palestinian people would never accept that Israel is a Jewish State. Talk about chutzpah.

The truly sad thing about this entire event is that the US State Department is all gung ho about it. The State Department is truly ready to accept the narrative of the Arab/Moslem world about what another sovereign nation should or should not be. That somehow in the recesses of the Arab Department at State, they have decided that the Arabs know best and that their version of events is what is important. Somehow once again persons who have spent their entire existence persecuting, murdering and disenfranchising the Jews, who either lived in their nation or around the world, get to decide who the Jewish people should be. It’s one thing for the ancients to demean another nation; it is quite another thing for a modem liberal democratic society to do that. Alternatively, which other nation does not get to define itself? Who tells another nation what they shall think, believe or feel? Who tells another nation whether they have the right to exist? Oh yeah, its good old-fashioned anti-Semitism. Is it different from what the Nazis had in mind? No it really is not.

So there are two realities in the world in which we live, one alternative reality for Jews and one for the rest of the world. The US State Department is making sure of it.

Meanwhile, in another great feat of diplomacy the US State Department has allowed the nation of Libya to become a sitting member of the Human Rights Council at the United Nations. If it wasn’t bad enough that they did not vote against Iran becoming a member of the UN Women’s Right council, and then ate dinner at the Iranian Ambassador’s residence, they now have accepted that one of the worse violators of human rights is now going to sit in judgment of everyone else.

I definitely think that somewhere along the line, the powers that be at the State Department are residing in a parallel universe. This has to be the reason for everything that they are allowing to happen. They may not be able to stop the ascension of Iran and Libya, but they sure as hell could have voted no. But what does Ambassador Susan Rice do? She either abstains or votes yes. Its’ a good thing they say, to bring these nations into the world arena? A good thing? How is it a good thing to give respect to nations who have no respect for others? How is it a good thing that we allow nations that murder its own citizens, stone people to death, deprive people of basic democratic rights, murder homosexuals and denigrate women a good thing? While we’re at it, maybe we should let murders here in the US be their own judge and juries and let burglars keep the property they steal from others?

The US State Department lives in a parallel universe where if you give evil and inch they will be happy for that inch and be done with you. I don’t know which parallel universe it is, but I sure would like to go there. I suspect in that parallel universe no one ever opens a history book or can even read. It’s not even an example of Orwellian logic. In Orwellian thought it’s just an upside down world. In the State Department’s new parallel universe, they acknowledge that nations are evil but it’s an ok kind of evil. Someone really needs to sit down with the political scientists at State and reteach them the concept of zero-sum games and maybe a little chess. They don’t have to be chess masters, that obviously is never going to happen. But at least knowing how to move the pieces around the board might help them not appear to be such morons.

In the 19th century Lewis Carroll wrote his classic Alice in Wonderland. It was a wonderful book, today seen as a children’s classic, but in reality, it was written as a diatribe against the machinations of the political establishment under Benjamin Disraeli. He decried the misuse of power and misapplication of thought, elitism and the total disregard of the public good. He manifested his vision against the alternative reality and parallel universe which became the twilight of the British Empire. For once those that are on the side of good for convenience, ignorance or hate side with evil yet there is no mea culpa and no redemption of the soul. Alice’s trip down the rabbit hole was a dream. Her fearful nightmare of the world in which she was thrown became a passing thought. But the world we live in today, that the US State Department perpetuates and gladly adheres itself too will only lead to the demise of the United States as a beacon of good and what is right and just in the world. The State Department by its actions leaves the forces of freedom without a leader. The rabbit hole that they have forced the world into is not the passing nightmare of a teenage girl, but an all too real scenario, one where following the white rabbit will not lead to a tea party (even though I am sure dinner at the Iranian ambassador’s residence was a jolly affair), but will lead to an empty black nothingness controlled by brutal dictators, oligarchs and tyrants.

Oh by the way did you hear about the President signing on to the idea that the United Nations is going to take away everyone’s guns. Isn’t that swell an organization run by evil taking away the forces of freedoms ability to physically fight back? As Thomas Jefferson once said, “”The beauty of the second amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it.” Couple that with the Obama Administration trying to regulate internet speech, and preparing a military unit to be deployed in the United States in violation of posse comitatis,does give one pause, does it not? How’s that rabbit hole looking now?


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