Why are these things not like the other? Which Traitors Receive Obama’s Largesse

A court has released convicted terrorist aider and abettor Lynne Stewart from prison on compassionate leave. Instead of living out the rest of her sentence until parole, the court has granted the government’s request to let her leave prison early due to her stage 4 cancer. Her doctors say she has at most 18 months to live, as her cancer has metastasized to her bones. Upon leaving prison she was glad to be able to live out her days surrounded by her family and in the comfort of her home. She says she didn’t want to die in a strange and loveless place.

Whether Ms. Stewart is going to go through hell before she passes on into the next world is not the issue. If anyone has ever witnessed a love one die of cancer, there is no question of the evil that has befallen Ms. Stewart and that will eventually end her life. The issue is that she feels she is entitled to a compassion that she did not show towards her client’s victims. Remember Ms. Stewart was convicted of aiding and abetting terror. Somehow, supporting the murderer of innocent persons, persons who did not die in the comfort of their home or surrounded by their family, was fine by her. Participating in a terrorist organization that sought the overthrow of the US government, murder of Americans and particularly those of  Jewish descent was a day in the life for Ms. Stewart. She, like the other hypocrites who promote leftist hate, think that only humane concerns should be shown to those that think like them.

Read HERE about her treason and her support for al-Qaeda HERE.

So, yes I think that Ms. Stewart should have been ultimately given the same mercy that she showed towards her client’s victims, especially since she supported their murders; no less compassion and without a doubt  decidedly no more consideration. We are told that we are supposed to be better than our enemies. Sorry, but sometimes our enemies deserve the same respect they give us. Unfortunately, that is not how the world of an “America leading from behind” works.

Additionally, there is also a movement afoot that Edward Snowden, after committing treason, should be given clemency. That somehow he is a hero because his violation of his oath to the US government, which has endangered untold numbers of persons working to help the US government abroad and persons working for the US clandestine services, was based upon a political conviction.

In reality Snowden is a coward who fled the country rather than stand up for these same principles and spend whatever prison time was required, not a freedom fighter. What he is, is an anti-American traitor, who has helped those that wish to destroy western civilization by giving them ammunition to use in the shadow war against terrorism. Not surprisingly editorials supporting Snowden appeared in The New York Times and The Guardian. Both left-wing newspapers. The Guardian, which printed the Snowden information through American-hating expat Glenn Greenwald, and the  NYT, which is a sounding board for the Obama administration. Now if conspiracies were your reality, it might just appear that the editorials were a trial balloon to see what the country would think if Obama gave Snowden a “get out of jail free card.”

Meanwhile, Jonathan Pollard who has been ill for years still sits in prison. His relatives asked for compassionate leave for him, but the government refused. It seems that if you spy for an ally (instead of giving your stolen national security information to a DNC front or US-hating newspaper) and are sentenced to prison based upon a bogus damage report written by a traitor (in this case Aldrich Ames), the government refuses to consider your humanity. The Obama administration is ignoring  the fact that everyone who had a hand in sentencing Pollard and former leading members of the  United States intelligence community have recognized this miscarriage of justice and have requested Pollard be released. Meanwhile, not surprisingly, there are no timely editorials calling for clemency on behalf of Pollard on the pages of these openly anti-Israel and anti-Semitic newspapers, The NYT or The Guardian. Obama refuses to budge on the Pollard issue.

What are the differences between Ms. Stewart, Mr. Snowden, and Mr. Pollard? You decide for yourself what this all means.

FYI- I am not calling for Pollard’s release. I have written that I think he should serve out his sentence. HERE I am discussing the duplicitous actions by the Obama administration in these cases.  Considering that we now know that Obama has directed a spying program on Israel, and extensively spies on the American people through the NSA, (thanks ironically to the traitor Edward Snowden) there appears to be a little too much self-righteousness going around in that Oval Office.


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