HRW Partner Linked to al-Qaeda

Read the entire article by Eli Lake at The Daily Beast.

Interesting note:

Al-Karama, the Qatari based group run by an al-Qaeda financier, was responsible for HRW’s testimony before congress that basically stated the more we use drones against our terrorist enemies the more we are actually creating another generation of terrorists. In other words, if we attack al-Qaeda in their military bases we are actually benefiting the terrorists.

So the group that started the “don’t drone our enemies” meme is actually our enemy. Funny how quickly the Left and the isolationists of the Libertarian movement picked up on that little “it’s all America’s fault” perspective without actually looking deeply into who was promoting that idea. Now you could give these dronaphobes a pass since it was Human Rights Watch, a once highly respected organization, that felt it was necessary to enunciate that policy. But then again, if anyone cared to figure out where HRW’s funding has been coming from (massive fundraising from Saudi Arabia and other Gulf States) coupled with their  anti-Israel propaganda as well as their demeaning of the USA’s “War on Terror,” a thinking person might find many reasons to suspect their findings in the first place.

Additional perspective from Elder of Ziyon.


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