Leftists and Their Anti-Israel Hypocrisy

A nice neat chart to outline the absurdest reality of the Left’s outright hypocrisy on Israel, from the blog Confronting Antisemitism and Israel Hatred in the UK


What every Leftist believes
What every Leftist believes
Academic freedom
Academic freedom is sacrosanct and universal
Boycott all Israeli academics (except for Arab Israelis of course)
Freedom of speech
Freedom of speech is sacrosanct and universal
No platform for Zionists, no platform for ‘Islamaphobes’
Nuclear energy
Must be banned in every country of the world
Iran has an absolute right to nuclear energy
Nuclear weapons
Must be banned in every country of the world
Iran has an absolute right to nuclear weapons
Religion is the opium of the masses. It should be ridiculed and banned
All aspects of Islam must be respected
Impact of Religion
Religion causes wars
Islam is the religion of peace
There should be no international borders – every person has a right to live wherever they want
Not a single Jew has a right to live in their historic homeland
Evicting any person from their home – even if they have lived there for a matter of hours is a crime against humanity
Every Jew living in Israel, including those who are over a hundred and have never lived anywhere else, must be forcibly ‘returned’ to Poland or Germany
All colonialists are evil racists who must be destroyed
Islamic colonial conquests of the West are necessary for multicultural diversity
All forms of nationalism are racist
Arab nationalists are heroes
Any oppression of women is a crime against humanity and must be aggressively confronted
Any attempt to highlight oppression of women in Islamic countries is
an insult to Muslim culture
Antisemitism, like Islamaphobia, must always be condemned
The Zionists control America. The Zionists control the media, etc
Ethnic cleansing
Attempts to resettle a small number of Arabs illegally squatting in Jewish owned buildings in Jerusalem is ethnic cleansing and must be stopped.
All 500,000 Jews who live on the “West Bank” who paid for their land and houses must be forcibly removed.
Forced Conformity
Forcing people to dress in a particular way is a crime against freedom and humanity
People who complain about women being forced to wear the burka are racist Islamaphobes
War generally
The ultimate horror and always to be avoided at all costs
We are all Hezbollah, We are all Hamas. Bomb Israel!
Armed intervention in other countries
We must never intervene –  if we do they (the Muslims) will have every right to hate us and terrorize us
We must organize a UN force to stop any kind of violence against Muslims by non-Muslims.
The right to self-defense
Israel and the West has no right to self-defense against acts of terrorism
Muslim acts of terrorism are always valid acts of self-defense



h/t Daphne Anson


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