A fascinating article about the rise of a new form of antisemitism and its meaning for the world-wide Jewish community.

From Gatestone  Institute By  Fiamma Nirenstein

While vows are always made to fight anti-Semitism, its existence is not even admitted where it is found in its most frequent and obvious forms: among media and university “intellectuals;” among certain NGOs; in international institutions, such as the United Nations and its offshoots; within the European Union; in “liberal’ organizations ostensibly promoting human rights — and as a way of life, as well as a way to reinforce identity, in the Muslim world.

Anti-Zionism today, from Malmö to Qom, arises and multiplies entirely from prejudice. Most of Israel’s most vicious critics have never even set foot in the state.

Such falsehoods have not only had some success; they have become mainstream. There is no protest against them from political parties, with few exceptions, or most cultural groups.

The problem of the Jews today, the world over, is not anti-Semitism but a new branch of it: “Israelophobia.” The most productive fight for world Jewry and its allies at the moment would be not against anti-Semitism, even though Israelophobia is a part of it, but against Israelopbia itself.

The observances that took place in Europe to commemorate Kristallnacht, which took place on November 9, 1938, were abundant: no Jew could be unhappy about the surrounding sympathy, the public proclamation of the need to remember, the absolute rejection of any anti-Semitism, and even more, the rejection of any genocidal fervor against the Jews. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, one of many resolute speakers, said that the Germans must show their “strength of character, and promise that anti-Semitism will not be tolerated in any form.” It was a point of view echoed by all European leaders, and it was nice to hear.

Unfortunately, however, these words are only a cheap way to address the problem. They do not keep in check all the other promises — those to destroy the Jewish world, starting with Israel. If the fight against anti-Semitism were actually to be fought from memory and history, many programs, such as Holocaust studies in schools, movies on TV, trips to Auschwitz, interfaith dialogue, and the historical shame of racial laws would have had a deeper resonance in the European soul.

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