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Here’s Ari Lesser, of the boycott Israel video fame, (click for his Thanksgiving song), in his newest video explaining to the uninitiated what exactly was South African apartheid and what is the truth about Israeli democracy…

Ari Lesser teams up with Here Is Israel for another ground breaking music video. “Israel Apartheid” decisively makes the apartheid issue a dead one. One of Israel’s biggest mistakes was remaining silent for years while endless lies were spread about Israel and her people. Omar Barghouti, head of the BDS (BS) movement is studying for his PhD at Tel Aviv U! This entire video could have featured one picture of Omar on campus in Israel and the apartheid lie would have been dismantled.

The only Muslims being oppressed in Israel are the ones under Hamas and PA leadership. The Palestinian Authority receives hundreds of million of dollars in international aid every year. This foreign “aid” is distributed among top Palestinian officials while their people remain at poverty level. In fact, Palestinians are forbidden to take jobs working for Jewish people. It is well documented that those working for Jews are treated well and they receive fair compensation.

Do your own homework. Take a visit to the Holy Land and witness the rights Muslims have first hand.

Most of you just want to do the right thing. The right thing requires thinking for yourself.
It’s time to do your own digging.
(Do not use Wikipedia. Their entries can be updated by just about anyone!)
Here Is Israel!

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