Facts About Israeli Bedouin

The typical Israel bashers are trying to make trouble out of the Israeli government’s plan to modernize the Bedouin who live in the Negev desert. The chart below gives the relevant and truthful facts.

A plan like this in the USA would fall under what lawyers call eminent domain. Question: Can you name one country in the world that doesn’t hold to the concept of eminent domain? It’s so important to the functioning of a sovereign nation that it is even written into the US Constitution.

Oh and if you look closely there is just compensation being offered along with choices where to live for those Bedouin being displaced.

Truthfully, this supposed international fight isn’t about the Bedouin. It’s exploitation by the destroy-Israel crowd sure and simple. These typical Israel-haters are using this to stir up trouble purely because Israel is acting on its rights as a sovereign nation. That is their problem. The sovereignty and existence of the State of Israel. They don’t give a scintilla of thought to the Bedouin, who by the way, tend to serve in the Israeli army with distinction.

A complete run down and explanation of the Prawer Plan from Anne’s Opinions.


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2 Responses to Facts About Israeli Bedouin

  1. anneinpt says:

    Well said, clear and succinct. Thanks for the link about eminent domain, which I’ve heard about on American blogs but never quite understood. Reading the link, I realise that of course the concept is familiar to me. In fact the plot of land across from my house was taken from my neighbour under “eminent domain” by the municipality to be used for a public building. And a strip of land belonging to my son (in an eeevil settlement) has also been taken under eminent domain to build a path down to the next street. So much for land confiscations only happening to Bedouins or Arabs.

    (PS Thank you too for the pingback to me).

    • asd2mom says:

      Your blog is a great source of information and analysis. I especially enjoy your Good News Friday. Everything is so negative all the time, its nice for someone to take the time to actually find the positive.

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