Control Education-Control the Future

Those that control education, control thought and the future. That is why the initial actions taken by totalitarian societies, after gun confiscation, is creation of a school curriculum for the children and a purging of the nonindoctrinated elderly.

Think about it. What a child learns at an early impressionable age is generally what they take with them into the future. How they learn to see the world is what helps them face every day adversities or challenges. If you are taught that it is your responsible to take care of yourself, you will be forced to learn self-sufficiency and innovation. If you are taught that it is up to the government to take care of you throughout your life you will learn dependency and never grow into an adult. You will be a perpetual adolescent. Just on the cusp of maturity but never quite able to get over the fence into adulthood.

A government that infantalizes an entire populace is a political class that controls every aspect of life. They determine where you can live, what you earn,  what you can eat and how you can think. And it begins with what people are taught in school, church (if religion outside statism is allowed) and even in our supermarkets. It is the subtle reminders of who oversees your day-to-day world and who you need to petition for existence.

Education is essential to a free society, but it can also be used against people who want to think for themselves. While unity of standards is a great ideal, the question becomes who oversees those standards and what do these standards mean in the greater scheme of reality? What is the ultimate purpose of these standards and their applications? How is this purpose used to indoctrinate an entire generation?

One of the most indelible ideas in American history is that parents, not the state, are responsible for their children’s education. Ultimately it is the parent who needs to be aware of what their child learns, and how they approach life. That is why homeschooling, a growing trend and not just for the fundamentally religious,  for most Americans is an option that is vociferously defended. Remember in Germany under Hitler, one of the first legislative acts by the Nazis was to outlaw homeschooling. Ironically a law still in place today. To outlaw homeschooling is to indoctrinate a conformity of thought, idea and philosophy coupled with absolute control by the government.

It used to be that the local population guided their children through their education process. Then the state set levels of competence and now the federal government, with that little monetary bribery idea, has set new levels, albeit controversial levels, of education through Common Core (yes there was the No Child Left behind Act too). National education organizations set criteria for colleges, graduate schools and certificate programs. States and national professional organizations also set levels of competence for professional licenses, be it doctors, lawyers, electricians and service personnel.

While their needs to be a standard of care when dealing with people’s lives and well-being, the issue is  “who” is setting the standards, not necessarily just the standards themselves. Of course, in reality they are somewhat intertwined.  “Who” is creating the curriculum? “Who” is deciding what a child should learn, its importance, significance and application to the present? “Who” created the notion that all that we had learned in the past was outdated, ignorant and obscure? “Who” decided that to succeed a child needs to be untaught their parent’s ways and beliefs? “Who” is writing, proposing and directing the textbooks and what is their ultimate purpose as well?

We have seen this onslaught of misdirection, or reeducation, in the way that history approaches the founding fathers of our nation. Instead of examining the era in which they lived; trying to understand their society and their perspectives. The modern historian, or social commentator, destroys and devalues who they were and what they stood for. The modern social critic tears apart any attempt to understand the philosophy and perspectives embodied in our Constitution. Sitting Supreme Court justices even say publicly that our governing document is out dated and not applicable to the modern world. But why? Simple. Control. Our Constitution is all about individuality and limiting government control over people’s daily lives. To too many elites in today’s world, it is the Constitutional rights of the individual that is a threat to their world order, not the overreaching and overbearing tentacles of the State as mother and father.

Modern societal architects work overtime to disenfranchise the founding fathers and all that they fought to pass on to us, their posterity. They attempt at full speed to destroy the history of freedom, and disregard as evil the slow painful steps to create democracy and the equality that goes along with independence of mind and thought. They turn instead to the age-old elitest formula of patriarchy and subjugation of perspective and individuality. They turn to the modern form of “Statism” and the esoteric concept of the “common good,” to control and expand their ever-increasing appetite for nullification of the Constitutional ideals found in the Bill of Rights. They call those that have sacrificed for this nation “baby killers” and “war criminals,” while lionizing mass murderers (Che) and tyrants (Castro, Chavez, even Stalin and Mao).

These modern societal architects, these authors of a malignant political correctness,  are creating an atmosphere, and an educational world, where it will become beholden upon the populace to reject the Constitution because it was written by persons they hold to be without merit. It is political correctness run roughshod over our right to freedoms. If a person, no matter how human, is beyond the pale of society, then their ideas have no validity. If their ideas have no merit, then new concepts and perspectives need to be created to form a functioning society. These modern architects of humanity wish to rewrite our history to destroy our freedoms and divest us of our past and control our future.

And just what are these governing structures to which the modern architects so endear themselves? The concepts of the State as parent. The State as leader and ruler of the People. The State as the developer and guide of all that is true and right in the world. The State as the manifestation of the omnipotent. The State as parent that can never be questioned and the parent that never detaches from its control over a child’s daily life.

These modern societal architects are the ones writing the rules of education. They are the ones writing the concepts that are deemed important. They are rewriting our history to suit their purposes and their philosophies. They are denigrating all that we stand for as a nation in order to promote an agenda that takes from our future, a future of our choosing.

So no, the issue with education is not standards. Standards are infact very important. But realistic actual standards need to be created. Truth in advertising as it were. Math needs to be taught to be functional. Not taught to the lowest common denominator. Math is an essential element in teaching how to analyze, develop and process information. It needs to create an ability to think outside the box and apply it to practical sciences so we, as a people, can grow, develop and thrive as we do now. The exponential reality that is science in the modern era is daunting and without the appropriate foundations throughout society, it will cease and we will cease to move forward. We will march backwards into another scientific Dark Age instead of continuing on with our modern scientific Enlightenment.

Moreover math is not “the best answer” equation. Math is an absolute right or wrong. Just like the concepts found in the Bill of Rights and the idea of “limited government.” Math is not something that can be negotiated. The laws of nature, physics and the scientific reality of the universe are set. Just as the idea of liberty is a human right and should be a  universal reality.

History needs to tell the truth, all of it. Not bits and pieces that are convenient and that are pushed by a political agenda. Understanding the purposes and thought process, the philosophical make up of societies past, it is the only way to understand the present and create the future. Discussing the pros and cons of reality and the intent and purpose of the concepts of freedom, equality, liberty and humanity are all based upon the growth and development of society. Ignoring what the arguments and all the fights were about gets us nowhere to understanding who we are today. Simply reading the Declaration of Independence,  US Constitution,  or the Gettysburg Address without understanding the political reality and history behind these documents destroys the purposes of these building blocks of our country.

Society did not develop in a vacuum. There is a rhythm to who we are and where we come from. There is a uniqueness in the way we look at ourselves and our world. It is important to understand our development as a People, and as a nation, in order to protect our independence, individuality and our right to choose our own future without needing the political elites’ permission.

We as a society have gone through the pain of labor, delivery, infancy, adolescence and even young adulthood. We learned to reform and to grow. We are a nation that understands our motivations and understands the universality of freedom. So we, as a people, unlike the new societal architects, reject cultural relativism and reject equating our nation with the barbarism still found throughout the world today. We understand cultural differences and will not be dragged backwards into despotism to suit some new societal architects’ mental illness level of guilt for being able to live our lives as we choose.

Ultimately as always, education is the key to the future. It is a key to understanding and creating a functioning society that thinks, acts and moves at an independent and productive pace. But education can also be used to destroy ingenuity and freedom. Education is the bailiwick of control. Control education and you control society.

Again the questions need to be asked and answered…”Who” is controlling your child’s education? What is the real intent and purpose behind their standards? Point of fact to keep in mind as well, if government officials won’t answer your questions, or threaten you in anyway when you challenge their “largesse” and their thought process, that is your first hint that something is terribly, terribly wrong.


UPDATE: The PISA numbers (Program for International Student Assessment by the OECD) came out today. The USA has fallen once again. If you look at the countries with rising numbers you find that there is a huge amount of parental involvement in education, as well as an adherence to  rigid educational standards that are exemplary of the “out-dated” three Rs…reading ,writing and ‘rithmetic. Not some convoluted notion of “compensation numbers” or touchy feely history. It’s facts, drill, analysis coupled with hours and hours of hard work and study. You either meet the standards or you don’t. There are no excuses allowed. Maybe that is what the USA should try next. Some good old-fashioned standards.


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  1. Lee says:

    Check out Bill “The Bomber” Ayres’s CV–it’s easy enough to find. This unrepentant terrorist,fellow traveller of the Frankfort School, has been teaching, lecturing, and publishing crapola aimed at SCHOOLS OF EDUCATION. For decades, he directed his aim at the future teachers of America.

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