It’s Fun When the “Old Gray Lady” Gets A Well Deserved Thrashing

The “Old Gray Lady,” aka The New York Times, was thoroughly thrashed this time by Ann Althouse, law professor and blogger, who writes at the aptly named Althouse. Today she took on the reflexive need of Obama cheerleaders to yell “Bush” everytime Obama screws up, which the NYT tried to do today in the wake of the ruinous Obamacare roll-put. Sadly, trying to compare the self-made and self-imposed Obamacare disaster to the natural disaster that was hurricane Katrina is pathetic to say the least:

The NYT acknowledges that Obama’s in trouble by reminding us that Bush was really really bad. Remember?

At the website front page the teaser headline  — which is also the headline in the paper version — is:  “As Troubles Pile Up, a Crisis of Confidence for Obama.” But if you click to the article, the headline becomes “Health Law Rollout’s Stumbles Draw Parallels to Bush’s Hurricane Response.

I can think of a whole bunch of non-parallels:

1. Bush’s political party didn’t design and enact Hurricane Katrina.

2. Bush didn’t have 5 years to craft his response to the hurricane.

3. Bush didn’t have the power to redesign the hurricane as he designed his response to it.

4. The Republican Bush believed he could not simply bully past the Democratic Mayor of New Orleans and the Democratic Governor of Louisiana and impose a federal solution, but the Democrat Obama and his party in Congress aggressively and voluntarily took over an area of policy that might have been left to the states.

5. The media were ready to slam Bush long and hard for everything — making big scandals out of things that, done by Obama, would have been forgotten a week later (what are the Valerie Plame-level screwups of Obama’s?) — but the media have bent over backwards for years to help make Obama look good and to bury or never even uncover all of his lies and misdeeds.

6. If Bush experienced a disaster like the rollout of Obamacare, the NYT wouldn’t use its front page to remind us of something Bill Clinton did that looked bad.

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Read Jonah Goldberg’s take on the situation, Obamacare Schadenfreudrama.

Talk about conservatives and libertarians walking around like the Cheshire cat! Of course its only because “I told you so,” is so terribly redundant and lacks class.


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