Bibi on Kerry’s Plan to High-Five Iran

I have always said that Obama wanted Iran to develop a bomb. The Left has always seen Israel’s possession of nuclear weapons as the threat to Middle East peace. The Left sees a threatened Israel as a nation forced to do as the USA and the EU want. A fait accompli, as it were, that a now vulnerable Israel has to accede to the Left’s demands to pull back from Judea, Samaria, Jerusalem and the Golan, or the world will let a nuclear armed Islamist nation commit genocide. As if a weakened Israel, both militarily and territorially, wouldn’t signal the same genocidal event on the part of the Arab and Moslem world.

It is also quite interesting to note, that at no time does the Obama administration or the EU hold the Palestinian Leadership and the Arab/Moslem world to any level of decency and requirements for peace. The raging meltdown of the Arab states surrounding Israel, the human rights violations in the Arab world, the misogyny, Jew-hatred and virulent anti-freedom agenda in these Arab nations also seems to play no part of the equation in how to approach the peace process. Apparently the only nation that is causing trouble in the Middle East is Israel because she refuses to comply with the demands of these tyrannical, dictatorial, and antisemitic Arab leaders to commit suicide.

The question that needs to be asked is whether the USA administration and the EU are so inept in their understanding about how the Middle East works, that they truly appear to not comprehend what constitutes honor, power and strength in that part of the world. Or on the other hand, are  these “world leaders” truly so antisemitic that their goal is the murder of another 6 million Jews. Sadly, it appears perhaps to be a bit of both. As the renowned author, Howard Jacobson recently lamented, “When will the Jews be forgiven for the Holocaust?”

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