Cognitive Dissonance: Releasing Murderers In Order to Secure Peace

Israel is about to release another batch of mass murderers at the behest of the US government. It is important to remember what these individuals really did, hence the poster below.

One of the saddest issues is that the US State Department refuses to call these killers terrorists. Apparently Jewish blood is still cheap in Washington DC. HERE


Link to Elder of Ziyon

Here is a comprehensive list of the released murderers and their crimes.

You have to wonder when the world is actually going to ask the Palestinians to give up something in exchange for peace. There is never a word about Palestinian antisemitism and incitement. There is never a word about the calls to annihilate Jews. There is never a call for them to stop their Temple and historical denial of the Jewish attachment to Israel. There is never a call that they have to compromise on anything.Their demands remain the same: all of the liberated Old City of Jerusalem, all of the West Bank and that the new Palestinian State will be judenrein (Nazis based policy of expelling or killing all Jews who live in a particular territory), return of every Palestinian and their descendants to Israel. HERE

In fact the latest reports about Palestinians demands says it all…especially the refusal to give up the ubiquitous right of return, which in and of itself would mean the end of the Jewish State. If the Palestinians can’t win by fire, they think they can win by flood. Interestingly they also believe that they have the US government, especially Obama, on their side. Something tells me that they are right about that. HERE

also HERE

Again HERE


and HERE

A good overall review of the peace process and the Palestinian’s demands at Anne’s Opinions


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