Debt Ceiling, Deficits, and Taxes

This blog originally appeared  July 2011

Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose

No, I have no answers. Just wanted to say that I find Congress, and  the President total embarrassments. The fiscal mess is all THEIR fault, both parties. When the government runs out of funds they have to do what every household in the United States has to do- Stop spending and stop throwing away money on garbage. You don’t decide to keep spending and demand money from your neighbor to pay your extravagances. It’s simple. Really Simple.You accept responsibility for your actions, and find a way to fix your problems. In other words, you act like a grown-up.

Here is what I expect. Basically it is our money, not theirs, so Congress and the President had better:
-fund the entitlement programs that people have paid for (including returning the half a billion dollars stolen from senior citizens in Obamacare);
-fund the military that protects us (especially while out children are engaged in three wars); and
-STOP funding their governmental perks and perks for their political cronies and political machines.

The country is angry, it’s about time DC really caught on by acting with deeds to solve this nations ills. We are tired of feeling like DC is placating us with a pat on the head as if we were miscreant children without intellect and understanding of the real world. In reality, the way they are playing games it’s apparent that those in DC are the ones who are clueless. Unfortunately for the country it is even more infuriating than Washington being devoid of common sense. DC is behaving like a bunch of spoiled brats. What they forget is that  spoiled brats get grounded and only garner society’s disdain. I suppose that politicians should actually count themselves lucky in one respect though, that it is no longer socially accepted to spank a spoiled brat.


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