This was a sign at an OFA rally today on Capital Hill.


This from the tolerant Left, making fun of those with special needs.

Now do I think that every progressive and Leftist is a card-carrying asshole like the one in the picture? Absolutely not. But on the other hand the MSM and the DNC would have you believe that because of one Confederate flag carrying dumbass at the 1 Million Veterans march on Sunday every Tea Party member, every Vet and every Conservative is a racist. In fact the DNC is trying to fundraise off that flag incident. Yes fundraising off that flag goes along with the Democrats theme that conservatives only disagree with Obama because of the color of his skin. Name-calling and bullying  stops them from actually ever having to discuss the issues at hand.

Now I haven’t seen anything from the Right trying to garner votes or money because of one jackass who happens to be a Leftist. Granted the actual actions of the President, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are enough to bring money into the RNC’s coffers without having to resort to hyperbole. In fact I haven’t seen one person on the Right trying to denigrate all of their political opponents because of the above fool. What I have seen is simply the pointing out of the Left’s hypocrisy when they try to claim tolerance and respect for people’s differences.

By the way I have also seen conservatives denigrate special needs persons in much the same way only using the prefix “lib” instead of “tea” as in the picture. It is unbecoming and ignorant. Those that do that should be excommunicated out of the Right as quickly as any bars and stars waving embarrassment.


Yes, after one of the rally’s organizers told him to get rid of the sign he did. The point is that he, part of the “tolerant” Left, someone who thinks himself superior to republicans and conservatives because of his political/progressive views of society thought that such a sign was aok in the first place.

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