New Hamas Terror Tunnel Unearthed; PA Squandered 2 Billion Euros

The IDF this morning, unearthed and destroyed a 1.5 mile long tunnel leading from the Gaza strip to a local kibbutz. It opened up right next to a kindergarten. HERE

And HERE see video of tunnel.

Apparently Hamas used the cement sent into Gaza for building homes and schools to construct a weapon of terror. By the way, the reason that cement was restricted by Israel into the Gaza Strip was to avoid the building of such tunnels. Guess Israel knew what she was talking about and shouldn’t listen to the US (aka Obama, Hillary, Powers, Brennan, Hagel or Kerry) or the EU (Ashton, Cameron, or Hollande) or the whiny left-wing Jews of the United States (any number of national Jewish organizations that simply shill for the DNC….such as ADL, UJF, AJC, and even AIPAC) .


The EU now claims that the PA has squandered or misplaced over 2 Billion euros. HERE


Remember the Palestinians have been offered a state 3 times in history…in 1947, under Barak/Clinton and Olmert. They rejected every offer, even the last one where they would have been given control of all Moslem sections of Jerusalem.

The absolute sad truth is that if the Palestinians spent as much time trying to build their society, as they do trying to slaughter Jews, they could have been a free people with a wealthy economy by now.

Too bad the world doesn’t hold the Palestinians to any level of responsibility for their own situation.

Waiting to see how this is all the Joos fault. Oh wait...HERE it is.

And HERE for an analysis of the World Bank memo.

And HERE for another analysis of the World bank memo.


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