Cultural Relativism and the Decline of Societal Decency

From The Rediscovered Self  September 1, 2013

The #1 Song the Day I was Born, Happily It Wasn’t “Rapey”

Yesterday on Facebook I received an interesting poke. A friend had  accessed a fun app and wanted to know what was the #1 song on the day I was born. I didn’t use the app, but I Googled the answer. Came up with Twist Again by Chubby Checker.

No, they don’t write songs like that anymore. The recent Robin Thicke- Miley Cyrus porn fest proves that. Too bad. While there is fun, descent and happy music being produced in today’s world, there is no reason for Thicke’s blatant  “rapey” music.  (Here, Here, Here) Sadly that song is #1. Wonder what the children born on these days will think of our society when they Google (or what will be the future version of Google in twenty years) the top of the charts on the day they were born.

After all these decades of feminism and the women’s rights movement, I have no idea why young women go along with this misogyny. It seems we forgot to teach our daughters self-empowerment as we pushed college, graduate school and Title IX. (Slut-feminism does not count as self-actualization. Being a whore is not about self-respect.) We forget to teach them that you do not have to put up with women-hatred in order to get a man. We have allowed an anything goes sense of culture where there should be rights, wrong, dignity and honor. Unfortunately, as we lurch forward in science and technology, our sense of morality continues to decline.


Society wonders why boys could get a girl drunk and then force themselves on her and not think it was a crime? Society wonders were men even get the notion that date-rape drugs are OK. Have you listened to today’s music? Have you read the words? The continued dehumanization of women under the guise of free speech is a disgrace to our society. Promoting “rapey” art has become de rigueur in our culture. Society has geared itself to the lowest common denominator instead of providing a path out of the gutter. Its easier to make money by culling the populace and less of a burden on politicos to simply think that the People need to only be corralled rather than uplifted.

Why have the cultural elites decided to promote society’s bottom feeders as legitimate? Why have the cultural elites decided that degradation of women is still OK as long as it is “art?” Why, as a society, do we do nothing about it? Meanwhile in a double standard level that leads irony into a new definition,  a Republican pol makes a totally assbackwards comment about rape and every cultural demagogue has a stroke.

It’s not as if women-hatred is not rampant in our society. Misogyny has always existed. But there is no reason that this type of music should be packaged and sold as legitimate entertainment.There is no reason that people don’t say stop. This lack of self-respect only shows that society has become so politically correct that there is no understanding of right and wrong anymore.

Simply because someone can think it, does not mean it should be accepted and promoted. Simply because someone writes it, does not mean it is poetry nor respectable expression. Simply because it comes out of a person’s mind does not mean it is not anathema to everything for which a society stands. Has society become so hedonistic that anything goes? There has to be an uncrossable line when it comes to right and wrong. While there are legitimate areas that mandated a societal revamp, the idea that rape and the objectification of women are a bane to decency doesn’t need to be expunged from society.

Freedom of speech is a two-way street. Simply because someone says something or promotes an idea does not make it legitimate. Persons of decent inclination have as much right to speak as does the pervert. No one said that the Constitution forbids society from chastising and excommunicating people who promote degeneracy. There are rights and wrongs in this world and it is not judgmental to hold those  cultural elitest to a standard of decency. There has to be a Rubicon that no one can cross.

If you think this through to its ultimate conclusion, that anything goes in this world, that any manner of ideas, thought and perversions are legitimate, it is not a wonder that cultural relativism is so popular. It is not a wonder that so-called western-feminists and  the cultural elites don’t fight against gender apartheid and the dehumanization of women in Islamic societies. They don’t stand against it in their own worlds. In the world of the “enlightened” modern-western-elite anything and everything that is deemed “culture” is respected. It’s the only way these cultural demagogues can legitimize their own proclivities by having no standards of decency at all for anyone, anywhere.

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21 Responses to Cultural Relativism and the Decline of Societal Decency

  1. Rob Miller says:

    Hi, great piece.
    I think one of the answers to your question seems pretty obvious at least to me.

    For at least three decades, possibly more, rabid feminists and politicians that aid and abet them in exchange for votes have been waging war on men and boys…and on fathers, which are now seen as ‘unnecessary’.

    Traditional qualities normally associated with men – strength, properly directed aggression, manliness, responsibility, a certain degree of chivalry and protective behavior towards women and children – have been denigrated. This is not to say that every man in western culture and particularly in America lived up to this standard, but most did, and they learned how a man acts from their fathers.

    Those fathers are increasingly absent now, and even in cases of male children born in wedlock, the current divorce and child support laws are constructed to give mom rather than dad custody of minor children as a default position, and to increase the amount of money mom is awarded for support the more she limits the children’s contact with dad. In California, for instance, a mother with primary custody of her minor children can simply move miles away from the children’s father if she feels like it with no regard for their relationship with him or his visitation rights, and the father has no recourse whatsoever.So increasingly, male children are not learning how to be a man from their fathers, but from role models in sports and the entertainment industry promoting very different values.

    These absent fathers also impact how young girls feel about themselves. A father( a normal father, not the rare abusive ones) is usually the first example of male behavior a girl experiences, influencing her own ideas of what proper male behavior consists of. Dad also used to play a significant role in protecting young, naive girls from other males looking to sexually exploit them and in teaching them to respect themselves.

    There’s a lot more I could say on this topic, but that will do for now.


    • asd2mom says:

      Hi Rob,


      I happen to agree with you that society is geared towards denigrating men and boys. I wouldn’t say it is because of radical feminists however, simply because it is now across the board in every phase of life. Our society has gone from one extreme to the other, where women were looked down upon to the opposite where being a real man, responsible, hardworking and decent, is thought of as ignorance. One of the many things that the MSM picked on W about was that he liked “male” pursuits, working on his ranch for example. The funny part is that this doesn’t really jive with our misogynistic music and TV, or film. Society has become terrible schizophrenic in this regard.

      Education, a big indicator of how successful someone is going be, has a disproportionate amount of boys dropping out and education is not geared to the male way of thinking. In fact the subjects that make boys handle school better, like gym and recess are the parts of the day that tend to be cut out for children. Colleges are now predominantly female except at the top schools and in the STEM subjects. But there are movements afoot that want to create male/female quotas for the STEM subjects too.

      California, like NY, is very much geared to giving child custody to women in any divorce. I am not certain that that is the case nationally.I know many women who were handed terrible settlements in divorce. I don’t always think you can blame the courts or the mothers if the fathers don’t show up. I think it really depends upon the situation. Here in NY a custodial parent can only move 50 miles away from the other parent or lose custody. While that is very far, it is not insurmountable. And yes I know women who move away 49.9/10 of a mile to just be spiteful too. The problem is that men need to find a way to fight back. When they do they generally win too. At least here they do. Sadly I think alot of men are relieved to not have to deal with the “family” or there wouldn’t be the high amount of child support defaults that we have in this country too.

      I am not sure that the issue of hero worship of sports figures and movie stars has to do with absent fathers, as much as absent parents in general. We see a selfish and self-centered culture where parents are taught to pursue their interests and they decide that the children don’t need parenting once they hit adolescence. Look at the case of the child just bullied to death in Florida. Where were the parents? Both of the arrested girls came from intact homes, with a father that was present.

      There is no simple answer to any of it.



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