The Maccabeats- Cups: “D’ror Yikra-Let Freedom be Proclaimed”

Meaning ‘Let freedom be proclaimed’, this is a Jewish-Yemenite prayer traditionally sung at the Shabbat table. It was composed by Dunas ben Labrat, a 10th century Sephardic Jew, thought to have been of Baghdadi origin, who was educated in Fez, Morocco.

D’ror Yikra was composed in the regular meter of Arabic verse instead of the freer syllabification of earlier Jewish poetry. Apparently ben Labrat ensured that his authorship of the song was recognized by spelling his name acrostically in the first letter of each line of most of the verses.

Dror Yikra
He shall proclaim freedom for man and woman,
And He will protect you like the pupil of the eye.
Pleasant will be your reputation, never to cease.
Rest and be content on the Sabbath Day.
Seek my temple and my sanctuary,
And show me a sign of salvation.
Plant a branch within my vineyard;
Turn to the outcry of my people!
Tread the winepress in Bozrah,
And also Babylon that has overpowered us.
Smash my foes with wrathful anger;
Hear my voice on the day I call.

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