Getting Through the #Barrycades; #OccupyAmerica versus #Spitehouse, #DNCBullies, and #GOPWhiners

An interesting aspect of the fight over funding the government is what aspects of the government the executive branch has decided to curtail. Everything that has been shutdown has to do with the People’s possessions and what makes the lives of the People better.


1. Memorials and monuments to our history. Granted Obama hates the fact that the United States has been responsible for the march of freedom around the globe. His need to apologize for and berate the American people because they actually believe in the US Constitution is documented. He most definitely has no respect for the American people. The fact that he has decided that the country needs a “timeout” because our representatives have the nerve to challenge his glorious vision for the USA shows his utter contempt for the American People.

2. PX’s for service-personnel. Due to the low wages our people in uniform accept the government provides them with discounted shopping. Especially food. Obama has closed down these supermarkets to punish those who put themselves in harm’s way. But then again this is also SecDef Hagel’s fault. It is up to him to protect his people. If he can’t protect his people from Obama’s vindictive proclivities how can he prepare the military for the 21st century? Spineless from the gitgo.

3. Amber alert website. Seriously of all the websites to close down the one that protects children from kidnappers and rapists is what Obama has chosen to stop. His children are protected so that is all that matters it seems. (UPDATE: looks like the backlash has had an effect. Amber Alert website now back up and running.)

4. National Parks. It is interesting to think that the land is owned wholly by the government. When TR thought to introduce a national park system it was to save the open spaces for the People. Not to keep the People out of the open spaces.When the government can actually take away from the People what belongs to the People, it is time for the government to be revamped or for those that ordered this to be impeached. (Aside: if the government can take away the People’s land, what makes people think that they can’t take away your government given healthcare if they want to…or deny benefits to those that don’t fit the politically correct profile in the same way the IRS only went after Conservative groups and the Tea Party?)

5. The Ocean? Really Obama has ordered access to the Ocean closed down because it’s on federal land.

Not shutdown:

1. Obama’s favorite golf course on the military base where the PX is shutdown. (see no. 2 above) Nor Camp David where he and his family can enjoy a National Park. During the time of absolute rulers in Europe, certain lands were set aside as belonging only to the King. If the average person not only attempted to enter the Land, never mind hunt on the Land, the punishment was imprisonment or death.  The NPS has threatened to arrest veterans when they push aside the Barrycades and enter their monuments and memorials. Seems that Obama has decided he is imbued with the Divine Right of Kings.

2. Michelle’s Lets Move website when Amber Alert is shutdown. (see no. 3 above) Apparently its more important to tell People to drink water rather than to protect our children. Because obviously without Michelle none of us would know to drink more water and that eating healthy is better for us in the long run.(See above Amber Alert has been reopened. Spite House has said it was a computer glitch that shut it down.)

3. Elderly thrown out of their own house because it’s on federal land, but Obama gets to stay in the federally owned and People taxed White House (or Spite House, as it is now known.) This story has got to be the worst. Apparently people who own private property on federal land have no right to remain in their houses when the national parks are shut down. But somehow Obama gets to stay in his taxpayer-federally-funded house and enjoy his federally funded private park.

4. By the way, the Obama’s are now only taken care of by 15 persons down from the normal 90 that generally caters to their every whim. Talk about indulged, opulent and obnoxious.

5. National Park Service, while deciding that open air monuments, which are not normally manned in the first place, need to be closed to the People,  have decided that a rally for Illegal Alien Amnesty can go ahead on the National Mall, which by the way is closed to us “little people.”

Obama’s nastiness and abuse of authority is no different now than during the sequestration debate that led to the stoppage of White House tours. It’s important to remember that the Obama’s did not stop any of their parties during this financial parrying down.  The irony of this situation is that the White House belongs to the People not to the present occupants. Unfortunately that is something Obama does not seem to be able to understand. He forgets that he is a servant of the People, not the People’s master. He is not omnipotent, nor are his policies sacrosanct.

Meanwhile, the name-calling and bullying coming out of the White House and their sycophants is ridiculous. The Democrats call republicans terrorists, say they are on a Jihad and that they are holding the country hostage. Only those whose positions are infantile and without merit need to call names. If the Left actually had anything positive to add to the discussion they would argue on the merits and not act as if they were in a middle school cafeteria.

Since the White House and the democrats like the “Occupy movement,” it is time for the People who actually pay the bills in this country to:

#OccupyAmerica…..time to teach the White House and the Democratic Party that it is WE THE PEOPLE that are in charge of this nation. But in order to do that, we need a Republican Party that isn’t led by mealymouthed-self-important-losers. But no luck in that regard either.

The powers that run the Republican Party are more interested in trying to destroy Cruz, Lee and Paul that they forget that their fight is with Obama. The GOP establishment forgets that the eleventh commandment of the GOP is not to speak ill of another Republican. Does the Tea Party challenge the establishment hold on the GOP? Yes it does. Too bad.

Yes the Tea Party wants to take away the GOP establishment’s kooshy existence. Yes they are a challenge to the status quo. What have these “leaders” accomplished in the last decades? Nothing. All they have given us is two tragically failed Presidential runs and a whiny frightened Congressional leadership. You don’t have to agree with every aspect of the Tea Party to understand that the American People simply have had enough of  Beltway duplicity. What the People really want is honest intelligent politicos to stand up for the Constitution of the United States. Something neither Party actually does right now. 

Does that make the Tea Party anarchists like  Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer continually complain? The Tea Party is standing in the way of the implementation of State Control by the DNC. The Tea Party is telling the Left to take a hike and to stay out of their lives. To decide for yourselves your life choices and your future to the Left is anarchy. To decide you know better than the State is anarchy to the Democrats. The Tea Party stands up to the anarchist-Left and their wish to destroy the Constitution.

The Tea Party stands up to the Left-leaning-anarchist of the DNC who would destroy the Constitution in order to implement their version of State control.  But the Left-leaning anti-American progressives of the DNC don’t consider themselves anarchists, oh no. They consider themselves holier-than-thou above the “little people who cling to their religion and their guns” who actually do all the living in this nation. The DNC is here to tell, the “little” people how to think, what to believe, how to educate their children and whether they can and cannot defend themselves. The Left wishes to make every citizen wholly dependent upon the State. American individuality is anarchy to them.

What those on the Left fail to understand is that if standing up for the Bill of Rights makes you an anarchist our founding fathers and mothers were anarchists too. But then again, the Left has spent decades deriding and trying to dismantle the positive images of our nation’s founding parents. The Left cannot abide the American nation for being the American nation. If standing up for freedom, liberty and the right to think as a free person without the State’s approval are the actions of an anarchist then Americans patriots are all anarchists. It is time for the political class that has implanted itself in DC to be weeded out so that descent normal people have their say in how this nation is run.

If the Obama administration’s spiteful actions of the past weeks have not shown his belief in Statism then nothing else will. The idea that the government can take something away from you as a citizen simply because it is the State bespeaks a type of fascism, not the actions of a democratic nation. According to the Constitution a person is entitled to due process before property is taken by the State. The question is where was the due process before Obama decided to take the People’s monuments, parks and land away from them? No President in the history of the United States has ever even dared to take from the People during a shutdown what belongs to the People.

This is the question we face now. It is not a simple one. Do we the People of the United States of America become a European Socialist State centered nation or do we remain that independent, liberty seeking people who created the freest nation in human history? Do we give up our freedom to some bureaucrat in Washington to tell us how to live, what to eat, how to think and what to believe? Do we decide that we are not adult enough to lead our own lives and need the State to treat us like indolent children devoid of any sense and any self-respect?

If the shutdown has shown us anything is that the central reality of what it means to be an American is actually under attack by our own Executive Branch of government.

Time to hunker down? Or time to fight back? Citizens’ choice.

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