Obama’s Park Service Erecting More Barry-cades to Keep Out The Greatest Generation

Seriously, the Obama administration is closing off open air memorials that belong to the people. In fact they have closed down the WW2 Memorial when word let out that more Honor Flight participants were coming to DC today. The Obama-Dumbasses have decided to pick a fight with the Greatest Generation.

Meanwhile the GOP tried to pass a law reopening the memorials and making certain veterans get their benefits but the Democrats made sure not to let it pass.

The Left never had any respect for the military in the first place and this just shows it.

This is what happens when you elect a narcissist with emotional underdevelopment issues into the Oval Office.

pictures from Legal Insurrection


The greatest generation just by passed the Barry-cades and went in without any trouble. The 7 Park Police sent to protect the Memorial from the veterans did not stop them. By the way, there were two more police to protect the Memorial from the people then were present to protect the consulate in Benghazi before it was attacked by al-Qaeda.

Reportedly there was a sign that read “We were also locked out of Normandy but that didn’t stop us.”


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