Newsflash: The Demise of America is Premature

To all the naysayers, doomsayers and pundit trolls….

One man does not a country make. Barack Obama and his minions may live in the White House, but they are not the United States of America. We are not an imperial nation, an oligarchy nor a dictatorship. He may make a fool of himself on the world stage, but he does not run our daily lives. The United States of America is a nation of the People. We determine our own future. We do not live at his behest nor at his direction.

The positive reaction, derided by the Left and the GOP establishment, to Ted Cruz’s “filibuster” should have proven to the forces that want to turn us into a socialist paradise that we, who adhere to the US Constitution, are far from an anomaly. We do not want government control and we do not need government largesse. We are not Europe. We are not a frightened people in need of  mealy-mouthed, over-educated boors with nothing to do but denigrate the people who actually make up this nation, telling us how to live our lives. We reject their derision of our  independence and self-reliance.

Americans are a resilient people. We have lived through wars, recessions and depressions. We have absorbed immigrants from every part of the globe. We have built ourselves a unique place in history that is stronger than one single individual. We do not need anyone leader to survive. We only need ourselves and for government, quite frankly, to get out of our way. It is our, the American People’s, version of liberty, freedom, and independence that sets the tone of this nation. Our belief in equality of chance, spirit and opportunity is what guides us.

To paraphrase former British Prime Minister Tony Blair,  a nation’s greatness is exemplified by how many people want to get into that country as opposed to how many want to get out. Tens of thousands, legal and illegal, fight to enter the society that is the United States of America. American is still the universal  ideal of freedom. People still cross oceans, deserts and sky to seek what America has to offer. People still risk their lives in unimaginable ways to cross the borders of this nation. It is why Blair called the demise of the USA quite premature. Yes, the USA is exceptional. The USA still offers to the world a vision of hope, humanity and liberty.

Our problem as Americans is that we forget our heritage is not the almighty dollar, but the almighty right to live as a free people. And yes, when its hard to pay the bills, life can be daunting. But the need to persevere, the need to continue and the acknowledgement that it can be done here has never dissipated. For it is only with this freedom that economies and liberties can be rectified. It is only with this freedom, the inheritance of generations past, that People can create, develop and believe that they can walk on the moon or even one day travel toward the stars.

Too many Americas think that the American dream is dead. But a dream only devolves if you allow it to die. Life is not a straight line. There are bumps and bruises along the way. It’s the ability to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and fight for your rights that makes all the difference in the American dream. The American dream is the right to be all that your talent would allow you to be. That has never changed. The way to accomplish that may have simply become more challenging, but if you have the will there is the way. For if you will it, it is no dream. HERE

We, the people of the United States, are descended from those who were not afraid of a challenge, were not afraid to swim against the stream. We need to remember who our ancestors were, what they fought for and how they held their own. We need to stop cowering in our homes, complaining and crying that someone somewhere was mean to us. So many have allowed themselves to be turned into a belittled and bullied populace unable to successfully function, so weary and leery of that government specter hovering above us.  ENOUGH.

We, the people of the United States, need to remember who WE THE PEOPLE are, and where we came from. We are not our government when our government betrays us and our beliefs. We need to stand up straight, think for ourselves and take care of business American style.

Ultimately we need to remember that we are dependent upon no one leader, no political party no vacuous elite. We need to remember that we are a free people beholden only to the ideal of liberty and its time to stop complaining, be independent of thought and action, stop believing that entitlements are a way of life, help our neighbors, get up off our asses and remember what was fought and died for at Lexington and Concord, on the battlefields of the Civil War, on Flanders Field, at Omaha Beach, the Korean Peninsula, in Vietnam marshes, during the two Gulf Wars, in Iraq and Afghanistan.

UPDATE post Obama’s nonapology apology over Obamacare’s “You can keep your health insurance” lie: We the People, do not suffer fools, liars and the duplicitous. When a President lies to the People, the People have no use for him or his policies. When a President betrays the very ideals of democracy that our forebearers fought and died to give us, We the People pay him no heed, reject his person and turn to ourselves to pursue our future. Obama’s legacy will be no different. Recent polling shows the President’s approval at only 39%. Considering most polls are skewed towards democrats his approval is probably far lower. Meanwhile, democrats who pushed Obamacare down the People’s throats are now running for cover. Senators like the partisan hacks Diane Feinstein (Cal) and Mary Laindrieu (LA) are pushing legislation that would allow people to keep their UnObamacare policies. Funny though, the insurance companies say its too little too late. Their systems are geared towards Obamacare and there is no going back. The absolute irony of this entire situation is that Jimmy Carter has castigated Obama for his ineptness and Bill Clinton has chastised him for lieing to the American people. (Nope, you simply can’t make this stuff us.) Watch for the People’s anger to grow in the next year. It will be interesting to see if the People will punish the  democrats in the midterm elections for the President’s lies, and disrespect  plus the DNC’s hubris.

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