Who Elected these Egomaniacs as Jewish-American “Leaders”?

Elder of Ziyon has a post about the so-called leaders of the Jewish-American community who were invited to a private sit-down with the Palestinian terrorist leader Abu Mazen. The obsequious ass-kissing by Jews of this murderer of Jewish children is revolting. Read HERE

By the way,  you may have noticed that the list was drawn up by an Obama sycophant, the former Congressman Wexler, who helped bring to power the most anti-Israel President in history. For Wexler and his ilk, it’s truly only about their own power. The lives of the children in Israel be damned. (Remember Wexler  left Congress under quite a scandal when it was discovered that he did not actually own a home in his district. He used his father-in-law’s address as his residency.) To follow Wexler is to follow a leftist-leader down the rabbit-hole to bring about someone else’s destruction.

And as an aside, who , by the way elected these people head of the Jewish-American community?  No one I know received a ballot. They didn’t hand them out in Temple over High Holy Days, or come with my pledge card for United Jewish Appeal or from the Emergency Committee for Israel or even from AIPAC.  Apparently these Jewish “leaders” have egos so big that they are simply self-appointed. How democratic is that! How typically progressive.

FYI-Madeline Albright  attended this conclave, but even though born into a Jewish family, she not only converted to Christianity, but denied her Jewish heritage (and had even repudiated a holocaust surviving cousin) up until she was appointed Secretary of State when her Jewish birth was brought out during her Senate confirmation hearing. Not sure when she became a “leader” of the Jewish-American community though. Did the Rabbinate in the USA, establish yet again, some new rules about “who is a Jew” that no one knows about? Since Jacobs , who other rabbis elected leader of the Reform movement, was present, he must have rewritten Jewish communal laws to include apostates as representative of the Jewish people. It is after all a favorite past-time of the Reform Movement to rewrite those Jewish religious laws that are deemed rather inconvenient for their congregants. (A Reminder of Why I left the Reform Movement)

The great irony here is that these progressive left Jews of the United States have decided that Israelis, the ones who vote and live in that vibrant democracy, apparently have no right to decide their own future. Apparently these smarter-than-anyone-else-American-Jews have decided that Israelis are merely spoiled uppity children who will not listen to reason from their betters. You know the types,  those who live in McMansions, the Upper Westside of Manhattan, believe in the Big Tent inclusion of self-hating Jews into the Jewish communal fold and send their children to left-wing colleges. But no way would these know-it-all Jews ever send their children into the Israeli army. Better to sacrifice someone else’s child on the altar of your politics. How brave. How elitist. How repugnant. Apparently according to these Jewish “leaders,” it seems their version of Jewish self-determination is really nice as long as someone else has to pay the ultimate price.

Interestingly, when you read the list, there is not one Republican or conservative Jewish-American invited. Of course, they probably wouldn’t have come, or if they did attend, they would have asked the hard questions, not played to the ego of this holocaust denier and financier of the Olympic massacre. But these liberal progressive Jews just couldn’t help themselves.

Playing to the hate the settlement crowd is typical of these chickenshit Jews and Dershowitz even had the nerve to lament the saving of the Russian-Jewish community. He despaired that  the aliyah of these persecuted Jews changed the politics of Israel. Yes, Israel now has a majority who understand that when their enemies call for their annihilation it is not a negotiating tactic. These unsophisticated Russian  and Sephardic (Mizrachi) Jews know that their enemies, these virulent anti-Semites, holocaust-Temple-Jewish history deniers  really mean it when they call for genocide against Israel.  Dersh obviously thinks we should have left our fellow Jews to live under discrimination and severe antisemitism just so his progressive politics could have held sway over the Israeli-body-politic. So according to this super-ego, since these conservative-Israeli-Jews don’t worship at the altar of Harvard law school professors  their freedom is a shanda.

Apparently for Dersh the only Jews worth saving on the ones that meet his political agenda. While he may be a supporter of Israel, and has even written some worthwhile pro-Israel books, his need to be accepted by the Jew-haters of the progressive movement and his need to be acknowledged by this Palestinian Nazis is beyond comprehension. For such a smart man he has absolutely no common sense. Proving once again that there is a difference between book learning and real intelligence. The inanity of him actually calling the PA a democratic entity has to be the most delusional statement about the true facts on the ground to date.

Now according to Dersh’s new version of political science,  in democratic nations that practice the Palestinian Authority version of democracy,  the elected can overstay their position by years and prevent new elections from occurring. Wonder what Dersh would do if a President of the United States tried that? Perhaps if it was Obama, who was the putative  dictator, he would approve this coup. (Much like another liberal-progressive-Jewish-American, Tom Friedman, who wished we had a system like China so Dear Leader could implement his policies without interruption by the-so-called little people, i.e. citizenry.) Sadly, this idiocy is what makes Dersh the poster boy of the delusional-Jewish-Democrat-bloc.

The Jewish-American elites’ obsessive allegiance to the Democratic party and especially to the anti-Israel program of the Obama administration is mind-boggling. These Jews refuse to acknowledge the Jew-hatred of the progressive left. But instead try to enmesh their support for Israel with the antisemitism of their political club. They buy into the propaganda of those who deny the Jewish right of self-defense and self-determination. They run over each other trying to prove who is the most liberal, the most progressive and the most willing to criticize Israel. They want to be seen as the most willing to sacrifice Israeli lives just to prove that Jewish-Americans indeed, as any good leftist would, supports  “a judenrein  Palestine.”

After watching the Democratic Convention where the conventioneers, the body representative of the democratic constituency,  booed the idea that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, it should have dawned on these progressive-left Jews that Jewish sovereignty is not important to the DNC. That the Obama administration itself, which was responsible for the platform of the DNC, doesn’t see Jewish rights as important. That the Obama foreign policy cabal actually denigrates the Jewish attachment to Israel and especially to Jerusalem. That the DNC powers that be, ignore history and the real world application of international law.

One day the progressive-left-democrat-Jews of the United States are going to wake up and recognize that their world has gone up in smoke. They will also be directly responsible for its demise. Hopefully they won’t be able to take the rest of us with them.


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  7. Lee says:

    I wrote something similar to this awhile back on my blog. (Which I unfortunately post to only sporadically.)


    It makes me so damned mad!!! Hell, I am so p-o-ed right now, I can’t write any more…

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  11. LEE says:

    I was in grad school in NYC in the lat 90’s in Jewish Studies, and I knew a LOT of rabbincal students at JTS, HUC, and some from RIETS. The HUC ones drove me crazy–they were willing to take up pretty much any progressive cause, but not really all that interested in Jewish ones. The JTS ones were a little better, but they were still pretty liberal. (I met one who had an undergrad degree from a Quaker college. She beleived the progressive crap fed to her by the faculty there that it represented “authentic” Quaker relision, while the mostly (conservative-sih) Quaker town in which it sat consisted of Quakers who were led astray. Which is such b******t. I grew up there.) Anyhow… JTS has gotten even worse. Back then, there seemed to still be room for the more conservative Conservative rabbinical student. The RIETS students were more normal…

    But the problem with EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM was that really weren’t too interested in the “pastoral” aspect of congregational work at a synagogue, especially a synagogue NOT in a major coastal megalopolis. I think HUC’s movement away from its Cincinnati campus to concentrate more on its NYC and LA ones was bad for congregations.

  12. LEE says:

    Both HUC and JTS have gotten into the “social justice” nonsense. Most people who are working stiffs, especially those of us who DON’T live in major coastal megalopolises, want the spiritual nourishment of the religion, along with the community sharing. But it’s gone crazy. I went to a Reform synagogue not too long ago where I live, and the closing tune was a Joni Mitchell song, The Circel Game. HUH!? The bat mitzvah girl chose it, BUT THE RABBI DIDN’T COUNSEL HERE TOWARDS SOMETHING MORE APPROPRIATE. Anyhoo… The bat mitzva girls “dvar torah” had almost nothing to do with the actual Torah portion, and was ALL ABOUT “SOCIAL JUSTICE.” Now, I don’t blame a 13 year olg girl–but the rabbi should have had some influence. Actually, I think the rabbi did–which resulted in the barely Jewish shabbat service. (The siddur was a recent-ish Reform one, where there is the opportunity to pick and choose. And some of the choices include pretty areligious ones. I think one could sit through a service, and it be a totally “Humanistic Judaism” service.

    Sorry, to just rant on and on… but I have become so alienated in synagogue, I am thinking of checking out a church, just to get some spiritual nourishment. I live in the Bible belt… and the poeple are very nice…

    • asd2mom says:

      Hi Lee,

      I tend to agree with you. The perspectives of new rabbinic students have been written about in many places. They have turned their back on Judaism and are trying to proselytize the new leftist-progressive-demagoguery.

      I actually left my Temple because I had had enough of the rabbis and their politics. We never joined another one simply because we are not observant and would not feel comfortable in a more religious setting and we didn’t go back to a reform Temple because we don’t need their politics (apart from the fact that I have better things to do with my money than pay dues/building funds.)

      I am sorry you feel so alienated.I have alot of the same issues, but use the internet for my outlet and do what I need to do religiously at home.

      But at the same extent we have looked into humanistic Judaism simply because my oldest is an atheist and we are trying to give him his Jewish heritage, culture and keep him in the fold. Sometimes modern changes are not really that bad, its actually a good weapon in this situation.

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  14. Rob Miller says:

    The simple answer this question is – a lot of Left wing JINO Democrat donors. That is these people’s constituency.

    Once you realize that, and that it has nothing to do with Judaism, Zionism or the well-being of the Jewish people, you can simply move on and just watch what you support financially. My local Jewish Federation supports a ‘Jewish’ paper with a very far left editor whose wife is a bigshot with Peace Now. They’ve featured articles from the head of the MPAC, and members of J Street and a Jewish Voice For Peace.

    I no longer give the local Federation a dime.

    Religious Jews might tell you that this is an ongoing result of the Yatzer Rav, the Egyptian non-Jews who followed us out of Egypt and supposedly became Jews. They were instrumental in the Sin of the Golden Calf.

    In America, I predict a shakedown of sorts, a split. All you need do is to see who’s having the majority of the kids. It ain’t largely secular Jews who are more concerned with abortion on demand and Left wing politics than anything else.

    Lee, I recommend rather than feel alienated, you try going to services at your local Chabad. You needn’t be a Lubavitcher (I’m certainly not) but their mission is outreach to all kinds of Jews in various stages of spiritual development. You will invariably find them warm, accepting ( with certain obvious limits – don’t be deliberately disrespectful, go sitting on the wrong side of the mechitzka or bringing a ham sandwich into the schul) and glad to have you there, and you can enjoy the pleasure of actually being in a community of Jews that I think you’ll find quite compatible.

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