Politically correct dilettantes devoid of morality and a spine

Nothing is worse than when you are in a war for your survival and your leaders, simply out of sheer ignorance, blindness or stupidity refuse to acknowledge that there is any war going on at all. There is something wrong with leaders that refuse to accept reality, not because they can’t see what is happening before them, but because they don’t wish to alienate a possible voting block. It is not politically correct after all, to mention that there are segments of  western society, those with a possible vote, who wish to actually destroy that very same society. Welcome to the world of the politically correct dilettantes who are helping, consciously (venal) or inadvertently (ignorant), to destroy western civilization.

There is nothing worse than a politician who lacks the moral underpinnings to recognize that when someone claims they kill for the sake of their religion, that their religion is the cause of the murder. While al-Shabaab terrorists slaughtered more than 65 people in Kenya, blew up 70 Christians at church in Pakistan and claimed to have killed 3 American servicemen in Afghanistan over this past weekend alone, our intrepid leaders keep telling us that these killings are not because of a religion. For some reason, when Islamist terrorists even tell the world they are killing in the name of Islam, when they scream “Allahu Akbar” as they shoot non-Moslem children merely because they are non-Moslem, our spineless and morally vapid leaders keep trying to tell us that, nope, it’s merely generalized violence.

To try to step away from the fact that these atrocities were caused by an arm of Islam, to try to ignore that the followers of the violent Islamist political persuasion are a threat to peace and security, only leads to more bloodshed and more instability. It is delusional to think that by ignoring the origination of these crimes that somehow the underlying cause will simply go away. It’s self-important western hubris to think that an ideology based upon hatred, violence and the narcissism of  human or spiritual superiority is going to be persuaded over tea and scones, to put down their arms before their ultimate goal of world domination is achieved. It’s a self-destructive version of see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

To fight terrorists you need to identify them. You need to recognize their ideology. You need to find where they preach and who they attract. Society cannot fight the malignant cancer that is Islamism without excising the tumor at its root. But society, and our leaders must first, recognize that there are those in this world, hundreds of millions to be exact, that want to destroy our freedoms as they seek to slaughter our children.

The west may not think that they are at war with Islam. But Islamists know that they are at war with the west. Islamists know that there is no such thing as a moderate Islamist as well. No matter how many times our western sycophantic leaders like to try to rewrite reality by saying that the Moslem Brotherhood, granddaddy of the Islamist movement, are not extremists, doesn’t make it the truth. Islamists know that their goal is an Islamic caliphate stretching from Europe throughout the Middle East and into Asia. They seek the rise of the Ummah and the death of western thought and beliefs. Their goal is clear. It is written out plainly for all to see.

Yet the leaders of the west refuse to see. It is unclear whether the “leaders” in these left-wing idiocracies found in Western Europe, and now the United States, are simply too afraid of the reality of the world. It is difficult to lead and to be honest about threats facing the populace. It is not politically conducive to frighten your constituents.  It is easier to deflect and to scapegoat those who bring to light the truth. It is easier to call someone an Islamaphobe or a racist, than to deal with the facts, especially when such veracity is unpopular politically. It is so much easier to pretend to be the Wizard of Oz, the most powerful, invincible magister, the one with all the politically correct happy answers. While in truth you are no more than a frightened elderly gentleman, who has lost his way, hiding behind a curtain in order to shut out the reality of your situation.

Our political leaders know that the Moslem Brotherhood is the grandaddy of the Islamist movement, with al-Qaeda as an offspring and al-Shabaab it’s grandchild. They know that the al-Shabaab and the Taliban are imbued with the same lethal notions found in the writing of Hasan al-Banna and Osama bin Laden. They know that the Islamists are taking over the Middle East and for some unbelievable reason the western leaders think that this will add stability and reason to this volatile area of the globe. The area of the globe, to be exact, that the Islamists themselves have inflamed.

The true ultimate question though is one of grave import: where do the loyalties of these politically correct dilettantish leaders lie? Are they selling our children’s future down the sink hole because  they are looking for that Arab retirement paycheck so happily handed out to influential western government officials? HERE. Or are they really  truly vapid, spineless and lacking any real moral underpinnings while pursuing their political careers? Does our truly self-hating political class think that all cultures are equal, and in so believing, they then betray the ideas of western liberty, equality and freedom? Or is our political class, in their Machiavellian reality,  planning once again to attempt to pay off the “alligator” thinking that they will not be eaten, or at least be eaten last, while giving themselves time to live out their useless and feckless existences?

Shall we the people, demand answers of our leaders?  Sadly, its seems most citizens in the west are happy to play ostrich, look away from reality, fail to question government actions, and seek nirvana in a mystical realm. Meanwhile, traditional news outlets, that estate necessary for a free government to exist, fail to challenge the university-elite-driven ideal of  western-complicity in terror crimes and the leftist-revolutionary-romanticism  of the terrorist as eternal victim and martyr. The old style journolists play defense for the failed politics of the western elite.

These self-effacing dilettantes refuse to see that not everyone thinks as we do in the west. They try to imbue western judgements into xenophobic worlds, leaving these self-important Eurocentric politicians utterly confused when treaties are broken, pacts are ignored and honor means noncompliance with traditional western beliefs in international law and norms.It is then, when the truth will-out, that Islamists, and their enablers, cry hate speech and hurt feelings. Shutting down discourse. A means to keep the truth hidden beneath the surface. Ultimately when facts are pointed out, these politically correct self-hating politicians seek a scapegoat for the liberty destroying actions of the Islamists by actually attacking the defenders of western liberty themselves.

Furthermore, those who practice  cultural relativism refuse to see that there is evil in some cultures. They refuse to accept that any culture which presumes the destruction of the human spirit should be marginalized and shunned. These European and western elites try to coddle and cajole those whose main thought process is one of contempt and repudiation of the west, all the while denigrating the west’s own way of life and history of human enlightenment.

Fantasy is always easier than reality. It is easier to pretend that the violence and the hate is not coming to your domain. But eventually it all catches up to the white picket fences and the worlds of  Parliament and Congress. Yet people ignore the Islamist vultures so close to our doorstep. They ignore that these Islamist hate mongers threaten our very way of life.

You cannot bargain with Islamists who slaughter children in the hopes of going to paradise, whether they are al-Qaeda, the Moslem Brotherhood or the Taliban. Societies cannot bargain with such evil and hope to remain a free, independent people. To negotiate with such malignant individuals is to give away your own soul. There is no bargain made with such an immoral people that is free of fine print. Especially when these Islamists think they have God on their side.

Sadly, theses ostriches, these hubris filled elitist politically correct politicians despicably ignore the threat that  Islamism imposes on the west’s existence whether for political expedience, a retirement paycheck or the power engendered in a voting bloc. These dilettantes make room for the denigration of the western ideals of freedom in the hopes of curtailing the beast at the door, foolishly thinking that those who seek the west’s demise would be happy with merely an outstretched hand, rather than engulfing the entire liberty driven body politic.

Meanwhile these failed western politicians, these politically correct dilettantes,  hope to arise from the  embers of our destroyed western world like the proverbial phoenix. They hope to alight, refreshed and free of harm, devoid of any blame, from the societal ashes of their self-made destruction. But they forget that only Jesus ever came back from the dead and even he had to go to hell first.


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