The morning of September 11, 2001, was a beautiful morning. Hubby and brilliant-computer-sis were supposed to be at the World Trade Center that morning for meetings. Luckily, their meetings had been canceled the day before, but who would have thought to tell me about something so esoteric as canceled meeting……I will never forget the terror of not knowing if they were alive or dead for hours….I will never forget the feeling of needing to stand-tall…and being proud that I am an American.

Compilation of people jumping from the World Trade Center after the plane hit. Can you imagine choosing to jump instead of having to burn to death.

I haven’t forgotten that al-Qaeda did this...I haven’t forgotten that al-Qaeda is an offshoot of the Moslem Brotherhood, the  group Obama supports in Egypt and throughout the Middle East….I haven’t forgotten that a large part of the rebels in Syria are al-Qaeda.


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