The Scapegoat in the Room

President Obama who does not need Congressional approval for a war in Libya; overrides Obamacare rules; writes signing statements on laws he doesn’t like but has to sign; issues executive orders to appease his constituents when congress doesn’t play along with his leftist agenda; has now decided, even though he says he doesn’t really need to, that he should ask Congress for approval to lob some missiles at the Assad regime for using chemical weapons against its civilian population.

So according to POTUS, American foreign policy prestige is now in the hands of Congress. Funny how Obama’s administration argued successfully that the executive alone is the one responsible for foreign policy in the Jerusalem Passport case. If Congress is now the final word in American foreign policy, does that mean Foggy Bottom has to implement the Jerusalem Embassy law? That the Obama “signing statement” renewed every six-months so that the State Department doesn’t have to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, is invalid and void?

Then there are the leaks coming from the administration about that boogeyman who really controls American Middle East foreign policy is…wait for it…wait for it…you guessed it, it’s …AIPAC. The pro-Israel lobby, aka the Joos. How much fun it must be for those in the White House to channel Iran’s Press TV, Al-Jazeera, the Moslem Brotherhood, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, that good old-fashioned Mein Kempf or the modern-day version of paranoid fantasies written by Walt and Mersheimer. Wonder when the desperation will completely sink in and they will be linking to Stormfront on the White House media page. Read Middle East Media Sampler

Historically it never fails, that whenever an incompetent human being is placed in a position of importance they fail. Then these failures need to find someone to blame. Interestingly, at least the Obama administration is  spreading the blame around. It’s now Republican “young Turks” (as opposed to RINOS McCain or Graham) and the Jews acting in concert, trying to thwart the  true human sincere inclination of the Obama administration’s desire to punish Obama’s celebrated Middle East reformer Bashar el Assad.  (Too bad that those diners between Assad “the reformer” and Kerry, Hillary and Pelosi seem to be a bit of an inconvenience right now for Obama and the Democrats.)

Cynicism doesn’t even begin to describe this spineless machinations on the part of Obama. It’s as if he has channeled every bad and ignorant move by every bad and ignorant antisemite throughout written history and has decided to play along.

A Lethal Obsession: Antisemitism from Antiquity to Global Jihad

From Ambivalence to Betrayal: The Left, the Jews and Israel (Studies in Antisemitism)

Anti-Judaism the Western Tradition

A Convenient Hatred: The History of Antisemitism

(h/t to David Gerstman, aka soccerdhg, who out did himself this time with his Middle East Media Sampler)


Later this afternoon, AIPAC and several other national Jewish organizations came out in favor of giving the President the right to strike in Syria. AIPAC at least linked the strike to the fight against Iran’s securing of a nuclear weapon. But why couldn’t the Jews just stay quiet? Are they so sycophantic to the President that they have to carry his water and set themselves up for derision. Haven’t they seen that the man happily throws those he doesn’t need anymore under the proverbial bus? Are they so delusional that they think Obama really cares about Israel’s survival? YES they are. They really lack commons sense if they think Obama’s government is going to help Israel strike against Iran’s nuclear program.

Read Barry Rubin on Obama and Israel over the next three years.


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