The World? is “Offended” by the Use of Chemical Weapons…UPDATED

So we have finally heard from the Obama administration through the erstwhile Secretary of State John Kerry, that they are “offended” by the use of chemical weapons in Syria. Offended….such a nice neat little word to sum up what should be humanity’s outrage. But leave it to the elite educated, Yankee Brahim raised Kerry, to find a word that is meant to indicate just the other side of being upset about something, anything even the innocuous. It is a word that elicits no emotion. No piety. No sacrifice. No cause celebre. It is part of the politically correct vernacular to indicate displeasure and disrespect. Somehow, though, I do not think that Assad really is worried what the USA and western Europe thinks of him during this internecine Syrian-Shia-Sunni family dispute.

Personally I get “offended” when another individual insults me based upon my gender or my ethic heritage. I get offended when someone cuts me off in traffic and then gives me the “middle-finger salute.” I get offended when someone disrespects New Yorkers based upon an outdated and uneducated stereotype. I get offended when I see Miley Cyrus gyrating on TV during prime time. “Offended” is a word that evokes thoughts of societal annoyance, personal grievance and human exasperation, not one of horror.

Somehow I think when you are talking about genocide and mass murder, “offended” is just this side of an oopsidaisie. There should be moral outrage, moral indignation, and moral disgust. “Offended” sounds like the kind of word you would employ, when not wanting to offend the murderer’s patrons. Heaven forbid that we find Assad morally reprehensible. That might mean his Russian and Iranian benefactors wouldn’t want to pretend to play footsie with us anymore. Don’t offend the giant reset button. After all it’s not like these two nations are not known for a little genocide behind slightly ajar doors of their own- whether Chechnya, the Bahai, or Middle Eastern Christians. Never mind the call for genocide against Israel. That is simply an Iranian fairytale, perpetrated by a jinn, nothing to see here according to Foggy Bottom. In the end, human rights be damned. It’s all about a failed reset. For no matter what ever happens in Syria, the Obama administration is worried about making the Iranians and Russians feel bad about being sugar-daddies to the world’s war criminal of the moment. The Obama administration has cast a wide net of naivety with Russia and Iran as the golden catch.

The irony here abounds. The conscience of the world is “offended” by the use of chemical weapons. The lesson, meanwhile, is on going: If you are a leader bent on totalitarian rule, you get to commit genocide as long as there is no “gas” involved. Just good old-fashioned ethnic cleansing is fine and dandy if you are only using bombs, guns, mortars and tanks. Tyrants need to be warned to not ever think about crossing that ubiquitous red-line of a chemical cloud. Otherwise then the world finally decides it has to do something, but until then, the world looks away. Nothing to see here. The world moves on about its business.

Sadly something got lost along the way when society decided that certain types of mass murder was just fine. That somehow you could put rules of war in a treaty and that all would be appropriate. That somewhere by deciding to say what is a “good war” as opposed to a “bad war,” then war would cease to exist. What these thinkers didn’t realize is that war would only change in tempo. It would change in direction. It would go underground and become terrorism until one day there would be  nothing left of those who adhere to the rules of modern warfare except bluster and the dead.

War is a cheat code. It is a zero sum game. Only those who play to win, win. If you play halfheartedly you will lose. Syria, Russia, Iran know this. Only western elites still believe in such a thing as a “good war” where innocents do not die. Only those in the west think you can supervise war as if it were a video game. Only those in the west think that you can write rules of warfare and believe that those who have everything to lose will not violate international law to save themselves. Only western elites think that a pariah state cares about international red lines or the meowling of a paper tiger. Only those fools who live in ivory towers think that you can write rules of war as if you are handing out a study guide for a driver’s learning manual.

Yet finally after 120,000 dead. 1.5 million refugees, due to some chest thumping and arbitrary campaign rhetoric, the western world has decided that a line has been crossed in Syria. Sanctimonious western self-importance about the rules of war and the importance of human rights. Sadly its two years too late.

Now that  OFFENDS me.

UPDATE 9/1/13:

Since this post was originally written, the British Parliament has voted against going to war in Syria; the UN can’t reach a decision since Russia won’t play along and go to war against their ally Assad (they keep claiming that the rebels were the ones to use sarin gas…see above reference to Russia’s own brutality and genocidal initiatives); the French want to shoot off some missiles, as long as they are American; Obama has decided to let the Congress decide what to do….

Interesting…a President who unilaterally went to war in Libya, consistently writes signing statements and executive orders, acts as if he is running an imperial presidency instead of a presidency of the People, now all of a sudden wants Congressional approval for an action he stated is his right as CIC anyway. The truth is Obama is a huge embarrassment and opened his mouth during the Presidential election campaign about red lines in Syria without any forethought as to what it really meant. The fact that he has backed down and is trying to pin the blame for “stop or go” in Syria on the Republican led House is beyond contemptible. It’s not Machiavellian, it’s just simply cowardly. He can’t even take responsibility for his own decision-making. We can forget even leading from behind…this isn’t even leading… this is simply hiding under your desk and kissing your ass goodbye.

Obama is such a failure as a world leader that the only other country he can get to back him up on Syria is France, and now there are even calls in France for Hollande to let the French Parliament decide on engagement in Syria.

-The East European states have abandoned Obama. Not surprising since he abandoned them.

-The UK has decided that it’s not worth the risk, as has the rest of western Europe, interestingly citing the causes of WWI.

-Turkey, Obama’s biggest friend in the region doesn’t mind the US going into Syria as long as it costs them nothing.

-The Saudis and Gulf States seem rather quiet at the moment.They support the rebels.

-Russia keeps saying that Assad is simply misunderstood. Veiled threat of worsening US and Russia relations. Terrific reset  success madam Clinton arranged.

-China is staying out of it, letting the US and Russia fight it out, so to speak. Knowing full well that whatever happens they will just march in and try to pick up the pieces.

-Then of course there is our friendly neighborhood Shia Messianic cult, Iran with their sycophantic ally Hezbollah, making genocidal threats of their own against Israel.

The truth is the one country that will end up carrying the burden of all these decisions or indecisions, is Israel. Little Israel is the one nation that cannot hide or runaway from the Levant neighborhood and the mess that Obama and the Western European elites have created. Israel alone will stand against the forces aligning against freedom, democracy and human rights  in Syria, Iran and Lebanon. Israel also knows the bluster and false bravado shown by the rest of the world when it comes to war crimes in Syria and the rest of the Arab world, means that Israel ultimately will stand alone when the war comes to her door and come it will, she knows this.

Those who see the worsening situation in the Middle East know that Israel is the last best hope for western freedom, democracy and human rights. Israel is our canary in the coalmine. Israel is that little Dutch boy with her hand in the dike holding off the forces of  brutality and barbarism. Israel is the ultimate red line for the west. God help us if it is ever crossed.

And may God help Israel, because we see now that all she is going to get from the western nations is some talking points, a glad-hand and most likely condemnation for surviving the coming battle.

UPDATE 9/2/13:

Apparently the Arab League has taken up the issue of Syria at the behest of the Saudi Arabian government. They decided that Syria-Assad needs to be held accountable for the use of Sarin gas. They also decided that someone else should do just that. Then they went home. How nice that they think the dhimmis of the west should fight their wars for them, risk western aka American soldiers,  and reign in the Saudis’ enemies. The Saudis have offered to provide all the fuel necessary for a strike against Assad. How kind of them…

Considering that the Assad government is an ally of the Shia/Iranian government and the Arab league is generally Sunnis, terrified of Iranian hegemony in the area, the outcome was not surprising. Neither was the fact that they cravenly decided that someone else should bear the brunt of their decision.

Considering that the Saudis and the Gulf states have been funding and arming the Anti-Assad jihadi forces in Syria the outcome of the vote was also never in doubt. There was no way the Saudis were going to bring something like this for a vote without knowing the outcome beforehand.

Question: if the Saudis want Assad punished, why aren’t they punishing him themselves? They have an American supplied air force and army. They have soldiers and a proud Bedouin tradition.

Perhaps this was all thought out with the Obama administration after Obama lost the UK parliament. Obama had to show that somewhere out there in the reaches of the globe some nation backs his latest foreign adventure.

Question: but then it still leaves the unanswered issue….what is the US national interest and why is it suddenly so important  after over 120,000 dead? Simply because Obama needs to save face but doesn’t have the batzim to go it alone? And the only ones who seem to support his military adventure are totalitarian theocratic Sunni Moslem governments who themselves have no interest in sending in their own troops, but will be the main recipients of the death of Assad and the ending of the Alawite control of Syria.

And no the Syrian people will not be the main recipients. For the war will not be over. The aim of  the Jihadis and al-Qaeda, when they take over control of Syria, is to have a huge base of operations against the west and start a regional war aimed at Israel.

UPDATE  9/313:

The Scapegoat in the Room…

Three guesses who it is……

Meanwhile today was also the Senate Hearing on Syrian Intervention. At one point Kerry and McCain went on a yuck fest like they were at a Saturday night comedy club. It was one of the more offensive moments of the hearing, of which there were many. Perhaps the most egregious was that Hagel and Kerry seemed to disagree about what the US objectives happen to be. Just another sign of this administration’s incompetence.

Yet how does anyone who is thinking of sending troops into harms way, and possibly leading this nation into another war, decide to tell jokes during an information session, as if  the “drums of Syrian war” is a video game? Reportedly, McCain spent alot of time on his iPhone playing poker during the hearing too. Apparently he got bored. He also lost.  SHMUCK.

UPDATE 9/4/13

During a press conference in Sweden Obama tried to shift the responsibility for a response to Syrian atrocities onto the International community and as I said above was his plan ab initio, onto Congress.  This is what you get when the nation elects a president who doesn’t believe in American exceptionalism or in taking any responsibility for anything whatsoever. Obama acts more like an infantile-spoiled-brat rather than the leader of the free world. What a spineless DUMBASS.

UPDATE 9/5/13

After watching the hearings. seeing the news conferences, witnessing Obama in  Russia at the G20, all I can say is…PATHETIC…simply PATHETIC. It would actually be funny, like a Keystone Kops movie, if so many live weren’t dependent on  this immoral, inadequate administration…

I also agree with The Onion…send Congress to Syria. Solve two problems with one stone.

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