NEVER AGAIN? Bullshit….

From Syria….

Meanwhile Obama waits for the UN to send a strongly worded letter…

The Jewish-Americans (those just one or two generations after the Holocaust) who voted for Obama, the genocide enabler, should be ashamed of themselves. Yom Kippur is coming up in two weeks, these progressive-Jews had better pray very hard for forgiveness.


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  1. Rob Miller says:

    Hello LS,
    When seeing this stuff, one thing that its important to remember is that both Muslim regimes and Islamist groups like al-Qaeda, the Palestinian Authority, Lashker e Tiaba, Hamas, Hezbollah, et al are very good at staging these sorts of things. The Muslim mind is very visually oriented and responds quite well to propaganda. al-Jazeera is based on it.

    The Arabs who refer to themselves as Palestinians are particularly noted for their use of propaganda, thus giving rise to the phrase ‘Pallywood’. Among many examples I could cite, during the so-called ‘Jenin Massacre’ ( heavily pushed by the BBC, which still has yet to apologize) a camera man actually caught a lot of the ‘corpses’ on their way to ‘mass graves’ jumping off stretchers and taking off. Maybe they thought someone yelled ‘cut’.

    There was also ‘Green Hat Guy’, a Hezbollah operative who was caught carrying the same ‘corpse’ of a child at about a dozen sites during the 2006 war.

    Assad’s people would also tell you that the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda rebels in al-Nusra have used gas on their forces. It is impossible to sort out the truth, especially from a YouTube video.

    Taking that as a given, I’m not sure where this is going. You want Obama to declare war on Assad and arm the Brotherhood and al-Qaeda? I’m sure he’d like nothing better, it’s what he had America do in Libya. That which was what Benghazi was all about, an attempt to arm these jihadis. Libya turned out well, didn’t it?

    Syria is a front in the Islamic civil war between the Iranian mostly Shi’ite faction which includes the Brotherhood and the Sunni faction composed of the Saudis, the other GCE countries and now, apparently Egypt.

    Which side do you think we should back? And with what goal? Based on this president’s track record, do you really want him in charge of another illegal war?


    • asd2mom says:

      Hi Rob,

      Personally I had wanted this government to not let it get this far. The so-called red-line was crossed over a year ago. But as i wrote about in another piece, the low-information voter never looked beyond the Media Matters talking points and never looked beyond their strings. Also if the Obama administration has actually intervened at the very beginning of the civil war, it may never have come to this. And yes I say MAY, simply because we don’t know if anything would be that different but atleast we would have tried.

      Also, it was the Machiavellian attitude of the Obama administration that caused the upheaval in the Arab world. I fully believe that if the MB didn’t think they had the backing of the US they would have been more circumspect in the very beginning in Egypt. It goes back to Obama’s Cairo speech, when the Egyptian government asked him NOT to invite the MB and he did it anyway. The Sunni Islamists truly felt that they had Obama’s blessings and preceded down the path that Egypt is now on, that Libya is now on and Syria. I wrote about this two years ago, that this is what was going to happen and that it was the west’s fault because of their political correctness, cultural relativism and the good-old fashioned “white man’s burden.” This scenario was completely foreseeable for anyone with any understanding of the Middle East. I don’t think you would disagree on that with me.

      Agreed that Syria has turned into a Sunni versus Shiite war. And no I do not want my children going over there to fight another war. But the problem with Obama and his advisers is that he ignored the early warnings of what was going on because it did not suit his re-election campaign. He lied and prevaricated as he is still doing about Benghazi. It was about him not was what was best for the world or ultimately what was best for this country.

      I truly believe that we are all going to be held to account for what is happening in the Middle East and especially for the evil that is happening in Syria.

      I am also not certain that this is a new version of Pallywood. Someone used chemical weapons, whether it was the Assad regime or the rebels and whether it was this time or earlier. Sometimes things are what they appear to be. Mass slaughter is happening in the Middle East. I believe that it could have all been avoided if Obama had intervened the way he should have and the Jewish-Americans who support his foreign policy are a shanda.

      Thanks for stopping by,


    • asd2mom says:

      Hi again Rob,

      Just saw this in Haaretz, reporting from Israeli radio, that Israeli intelligence does believe that reports of chemical attacks are credible.

      Here are the posts I mentioned earlier where I foresaw this scenario:

      Obama, Islamists and the New Middle East

      Islamist Storm and the Coming War

      Cultural relativism, Political correctness, Elitist Racism and the Death of Freedom in the Arab World

      Also search this blog for anything having to do with foreign policy and the Obama administration and you will see that what I predicted years ago has come true.

      I think we also have a different point of view when it comes to the legality of Obama’s actions in Libya, etc. I do not think they are in fact illegal. Taking after Jefferson’s use of force against the Barbary pirates (of course ironic considering that that was also in Tripoli) In fact they are well within the purview of the Commander in chief. The Constitutional question is about The War Powers Act. Furthermore, it can be argued that the Iraq war law passed by Congress could apply in the situation in both Libya and Syria. Of course we can argue about that in another time if you would you like. 🙂

      I understand meanwhile Israelis in the north are living in bomb shelters. That to distract from the civil war and the chemical attack, Assad and his Hezbollah allies have begun to shell the Galilee.

      Take care,


  2. Rob Miller says:

    Hi Elise…Please believe very little of what you read in Ha’aretz for your own sake. What’s going on between Israel and Lebanon is an attempt by Nasrullah to play the ‘hate the Jew’ card as a distraction from their increasing unpopularity in Lebanon over their active part in the Syrian civil war and other issues.

    That said, let’s say we intervene, do you really think a Muslim Brotherhood/al-Qaeda Syria would not be a threat to Israel? What do you think they would do with Assad’s chemical weapons and missiles? Please read this and it may provide some food for thought. I think we’re being played.


    • asd2mom says:


      LOL I knew you were going to say that about Haaretz. That’s why I included that it was from an Israel radio report not Haaretz itself. You know I think Haaretz is simply the Israeli NYT. But once in awhile they do get it right. Couldn’t agree with you more about Nasrallah/Hezbolalh/Syria/Iran link right now.

      I do agree with you about the MB/al-Qaeda alliance and how much it will threaten Israel and eventually the US itself. My point is that it never had to get this far and it never had to get this bad if Obama and the West had actually intervened early and properly years ago. And quite frankly I believe Obama caused this war and everything to come in the ME with his ignorance (and his people’s ignorance) of the region in the first place.

      You know I read everything you write 🙂


    • asd2mom says:


      FYI Anne’s opinion has a roundup of Israeli newspapers that are reporting the chemical attack in Syria.

      While I and Israel Matzav also have had our falling out, he quotes Boogie Yalon that the attack was real. He also mentioned a report in Le Figaro that Israel, Jordanian and American commandos are already in Syria and the chemical attack was meant for them.

      Things are really beginning to escalate out of control and no one seems to be paying attention.


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