It’s September so It’s Time to “Talk” about Schools Failing Boys….Yet Again

Time has an interesting piece about how schools are once again failing boys. HERE It’s basically a requirement now, at the beginning of every school year, to have someone, somewhere, discuss how education is destroying the next generation of men. There is a discussion of how the education system is so geared to the way girls think that boys are shortchanged. If you take a look at the drop out rate of boys to girls, grades, learning disabilities and general dysfunction, you find that youngmen are more directionless than ever before in our history.

Moreover, the reader finds that the way boys play is dramatically different from girls and it is through play that children learn to socialize, think, reason and advance. It is the way boys play that has come under more regulations and attack by school officials then ever before. You find that boys are chastised by teaches at a much higher rate than girls for their type of play.

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