When Clowns Attack Clowns Who Make Fun of POTUS the Clown

Something is terribly wrong with this country when a rodeo clown cannot make fun of the President of the United States, especially when said POTUS acts like a clown and embarrasses this nation on a daily basis. Seriously, how many international red lines do we have to  “ABORT” before anyone on the Left admits that Obama is ineffectual, inadequate and totally out of his depth on the global stage? Does anyone, anywhere, actually think of this man as a world leader anymore or is he just really seen simply as the world’s biggest  joke?

Except of course, Obama does garner the world’s biggest high-fives, when he is bullying, with a side of blackmailing, Israel  into releasing mass murderers and terrorists at the behest of those Holocaust denying, Judeophobic, antisemitic leaders of the Palestinian authority. Moreover, the glad-handing-international-celebratory-tone that the release of the murderers of Jewish-children engendered does say more about the rather sick-depraved-malevolent-Orwellian state of the world, then any amount of clown shenanigans ever could.

Without question,  according to the politically correct Left, you can write fictional accounts of murdering republican American presidents, burn republican US Presidents in effigy and generally malign republican American Presidents daily and especially on the silver screen. Of course,  burning the American flag, promoting pornography and misogynistic rap music, penning books, blogs and articles full of antisemitic, Illuminati, Catholic church, Freemason, 9/11 Truther conspiracy theories, combined with a socialist, communist dogmatic prescription for anarchy, wealth redistribution, societal upheaval, government dependency, all while running naked in the street, high on any number of narcotic substances dressed as a Guy Fawkes-al-Qaeda-Moslem-Brotherhood-Hezbollah-Islamism-supporter is an acceptable form of progressive protest, but you MAY NOT under penalty of mass hysteria, make fun of the worst President in the history of the United States by wearing an Obama mask.

We in the United States do not live in a dictatorship. It is not a crime to make fun of our political leadership. In fact it is almost part and parcel of a requirement of  citizenship. However, by castigating, demeaning, taking away employment, banning and forcing a prankster to go to a re-education camp (i.e. sensitivity training) the Left and their legions are demanding goose-step acceptance of their ideology. The Left seems to be channeling North Korea, the Chicoms, oligarchs, absolute monarchies, fascisti or worse.

We, in the USA,  live in a Constitutional republic. The Bill of Rights guarantees that the government cannot curtail the delineated rights found in the Bill of Rights. The first ten amendments to the US Constitution is a check on the government, not a check on the people. It is a reminder that our rights come from nature and nature’s law, not from the goodwill of elected officials.

No government, no person, can take these God-given rights away. Furthermore, the “Constitutional test” states that if  the government does try to curtail our freedoms, they had better have a more important reason than the fact that the President of the United States is a thin-skinned doofus without any ability to function in the adult world. Heck, thin-skinned doesn’t even begin to describe the infantile over-reaction to an Obama mask wearing jokester. Perhaps the rodeo-clown came too close to the absolute truth about the real-clown that inhabits the Oval Office. It seems the Left doth protest too much…..

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