These are the times that try men’s souls…..

A commentary….

Happenstance had it that I ran into an old acquaintance, a very well-educated individual in fact, one I had known now for decades. As persons who have been comfortable with each other for a long time tend to do we started talking about impolite subjects, the main one being politics. He, of the Obama persuasion, tried to invoke the importance of his own selflessness (what I would call egocentric narcissistic martyrdom ) for the reason he had voted for the man twice. “You have to think of others, not just yourself when you are in the voting booth,” he said to me. Then of course, he threw in a little Palin Derangement Syndrome and a hate on 43 for good measure. You could literally hear the Media Matters and DNC talking-points memo.

I responded that I did think outside myself. I am concerned for the economy, national security and of course the 6 million Jews of Israel and their right to life. His response was that no one in the political realm of the USA would ever abandon Israel. I guess he had not kept a close eye on the Democratic convention, when they booed declaring Jerusalem the capital of the State of Israel. “It would be political suicide. Israel,” he said, “can also take care of herself.” He never discussed, of course, the economy and our own national security. Besides, he added that he would never vote for anyone that was against gay marriage. That gay marriage was the barometer of a person’s humanity.

So it did not matter to this man about a failed economic policy, about the rise of our frenemies China and Russia, the existential threat to Israel and the world from Iran, the failure of Obama’s energy policy, Benghazi, the IRS targeting, Fast and Furious, a blatantly racist DoJ, incompetent Cabinet members, Dodd-Frank idiocy, Islamism of the Middle East, fgm, force marriage, gender-apartheid, gendercide, world-wide Jihad, NSA metadata mining of American citizens, the AP-JamesRosen-CBS scandal, drone warfare or Obamacare….no the only way he would vote for someone is if they agreed to gay marriage. That to him was his one and only priority. He had turned himself into a cog in the wheel of one-liners, sound-bites and quite frankly submission to asinine priorities. He was the Leftist-puppeteer’s marionette being played for all he was worth.

I had to be missing something. It was the only way I could make sense out of his statements. Internally I insisted that there has to be a further explanation of this person’s obsession. But nothing more was actually said on the subject. I was simply stupefied by this revelation. Not of course that he would acknowledge that there are gay republicans and conservatives. I am certain he would see them as traitors to their own sexual orientation. Just as I am sure if I told him I support restrictions on abortion after the 5th month of pregnancy, in addition to health standards for abortion clinics,  he would consider me a gender traitor.

Yes I had to pinch myself. I always need to remember that common sense and book-learning do not go hand-in-hand. That simply because a citizen has alot of letters after their name does not mean , they are not low-information voters.

It’s why at times like these, that “try men’s souls,” I do turn to the simpler explanations of politics. One that even those who cannot see beyond their own Ghandiesque sense of self-importance could even understand. Since “Common Sense,” or rather lack thereof, is the recurring theme of my political musings, I turn to Thomas Paine and wonder how he was able to brilliantly, succinctly and without much fanfare get his points across when dealing with the politics of revolution, independence and the rights of mankind.

“Small islands, not capable of protecting themselves, are the proper objects for kingdoms to take under their care; but there is something absurd, in supposing a continent to be perpetually governed by an island.”

“Society is produced by our wants, and government by wickedness; the former promotes our happiness positively by uniting our affections, the latter negatively by restraining our vices. The one encourages intercourse, the other creates distinctions. The first is a patron, the last a punisher.”

“Society in every state is a blessing, but government even in its best state is but a necessary evil; in its worst state an intolerable one; for when we suffer, or are exposed to the same miseries by a government, which we might expect in a country without government, our calamity is heightened by reflecting that we furnish the means by which we suffer…”

“As the exalting one man so greatly above the rest cannot be justified on the equal rights of nature, so neither can it be defended on the authority of scripture; for the will of the Almighty, as declared by Gideon and the prophet Samuel, expressly disapproves of government by kings. All anti-monarchical parts of scripture have been very smoothly glossed over in monarchical governments, but they undoubtedly merit the attention of countries which have their governments yet to form. “Render unto Cæsar the things which are Cæsar’s” is the scripture doctrine of courts, yet it is no support of monarchical government, for the Jews at that time were without a king, and in a state of vassalage to the Romans.”

“Common sense will tell us, that the power which hath endeavoured to subdue us, is of all others, the most improper to defend us.”

“To bring the matter to one point, Is the power who is jealous of our prosperity, a proper power to govern us? Whoever says, No, to this question, is an independent, for independency means no more than this, whether we shall make our own law, or, whether the king, the greatest enemy which this continent hath, or can have, shall tell us there shall be no laws but such as I like.”

While Paine’s pamphlet became synonymous with the American revolution, we in today’s day and age need to remember that at the time of the Declaration of Independence, 1/3 of the Colonialists wanted independence, 1/3 were Tory and 1/3 didn’t care. We decry today’s low information voter, the one who cares not to know about the wanton disregard for the Constitution by the Obama administration in exchange for that ubiquitous Obamaphone. But this is not a new phenomena of the American people. Since our inception as a nation there has been a continual fight to ward off  the obliteration of the natural rights of citizens by our government, including corralling the destructive forces that align when  government has too much power over our daily lives, balanced against the sheeple quality of the easy path.

So I left our friendly, albeit convoluted, bemusing conversation determined to remain part and parcel of that 1/3 of America that thinks for myself. I am determined to be a citizen that is willing to stand up for the right to remain free and independent. Meanwhile, I also remain continually flabbergasted by my fellow self-deluded American brethren that think they matter to those political elites in Washington DC and that the rights they have today will be there tomorrow without putting up a fight.

Origin and Design of Government In General

Thoughts on the Present State of American Affairs

Of the Present Ability of America

Appendix (Discussion continued)

Obama in brief from Rep. Bridenstine (R.OKL):


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