Honor Diaries

This film is the story of nine women who have come together to discuss their battle for equal rights for women in the Moslem world. This film is not anti-Islam. This film is pro-women. It is a discussion about the gross violation of human rights that women in the Islamic world face on a daily basis, from female genital mutilation, to forced marriage to honor murders.

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To learn more about the organizations that these women represent go HERE

Resources on human rights violations in the Islamic world HERE


Because this is a pro-Israel, pro-American blog, some will ask if all of these women also believe in the right of Israel to exist and support the US Constitution. I can honestly say I do not know and I do not care when it comes to these issues. While yes, I recognize many of the women in this film that the BDSers and Jew-haters of the world would call Zionists because they have been to Israel, believe in Israel’s right to exist and understand the Jewish people, but others I have no idea what their ideological stance on Israel or their thoughts on America happens to be.

Not everything that I find important is always about Israel, the Jewish people or even the problems we face here in the USA. I am also a woman. As a woman it is important that we, who are free, in the west stand up for our sisters throughout the world. Sadly the western-leftist-aligned feminist movements due to their misbegotten ideas of cultural relativism, political correctness, fallacious concept of islamaphobia and attachment to the Jew-hatred (aka, Israel derangement syndrome) of Islamism, have joined forces with the anti-freedom, anti-democratic Islamists in their countries. In so doing these “feminist” women, who enjoy the absolute freedoms found in western civilization, have abandoned their oppressed sisters. These so-called women’s rights groups embarrass all women. Here, Here, Here

So too the governments of the west have abandoned the women of the Islamic world when they give credence to the likes of the Moslem Brotherhood, refuse to condemn Hezbollah, seek out ways to talk to Hamas, arm the Islamist rebels fighting in Syria, try to negotiate with the Taliban, find common cause with Islamist countries like Saudi Arabia and reach out to Iran. It is important that we let our governments know that their Machiavellian decisions to aid those that seek to enslave the world with a doctrine that is not only anti-women but anti-freedom is not acceptable.

I hope, even in my miniscule way, to include my voice in standing up for the rights of all women worldwide.

Please join these women who fight this extremely brave fight.


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