Palestine will be Judenrein


Notice Abbas states that no Israeli-civilians would be allowed to live in Palestine. Now does anyone really think he includes Israeli-Arabs in this statement? Actually it’s already punishable by death to sell land to a Jew in the Palestinian Authority, so this new statement by Abbas shouldn’t really come as a surprise to anyone. (By the way it’s also a crime to sell land to a Jew in Jordan. A nation that signed a peace treaty with Israel.)

Apparently Israel can have 1.5 million Arab citizens that are entitled to equal rights, but not one Jew can live in a future state of Palestine. Abbas can demand that the Palestinians living in refugee camps throughout the Arab world be entitled to return to the Land of Israel, which their forebearers abandoned in the hopes that the Jews would be obliterated by the invading Arab armies. Yet, Abbas demands that no Jews can return to Judea, Samaria or the Old City of Jerusalem, areas that were ethnically cleansed of Jews by Arabs during the War for Independence in 1948.

So Mr. Kerry and President Obama why isn’t this racist? Who is Israel actually negotiating with and why?




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