Protesting Minimum Wage; The Beginning of Class Warfare

UPDATE: While the original protests were over the summer, fast-food rallies were held over Labor Day weekend nationwide. It appears that Unions, on many levels, are trying to organize a new area of labor. They are using classic class warfare rhetoric and tactics. However, the benefit to the average worker is highly questionable. Higher wages will lead to fewer people being employed, greater operating costs for franchisees and without a doubt higher food costs.The only ones that will benefit from higher minimum wage for unionized fast food workers are the unions who will garner a windfall in dues. These highly cynical machinations by the Unions only goes to prove the rightness of the Right to Work laws.

Nationwide there were walk outs and protests about the pay that fast food workers receive. Most of them only earn minimum wage. Even if they work a full 40 hour week, this is not a livable wage. Of course it’s not. It was never meant to be. (Updated list of the Labor Day Events)

Fast food jobs used to be the extra job. The job you held in high school to earn your gas money or the job you held on the weekends to supplement your regular income so you could earn that extra cash for Christmas or a vacation. It was never meant as the sole means of support. Unfortunately in the age of the Obama economy that is exactly what the fast food job has become: the sole means of familial support.

While the protestors talk about fairness and worker’s rights and corporate responsibility to their employees, this protest is more an indication of the failure of the recovery. It is a failure of the Obama administration to engender trust in the financial sector and to find a way to promote the future.

Sadly fast food jobs are really the only jobs that are out there for people. Most are not even full-time positions simply because under Obamacare the corporations would then have to give people health benefits if they worked a 40-hour week. Corporations are not going to go bankrupt simply because Obama has decided they should.

The truth is that these people who are destined for fast food service jobs will need to go on some form of public assistance to get by, whether it is food stamps, Medicaid or both. This is an issue that no one seems to be addressing. The working poor. Those citizens who want to stand on their own two feet, but the economy simply does not exist for them.

People used to be able to leave highschool and get descent earning jobs with big manufacturing plants or in  vocational careers. These jobs no longer exist. Those with only a highschool education, and especially without a high school diploma, are looking at a bleak future of government dependency and poverty.

This is the Obama economy. According to the latest reports 4 out of 5 adults live near or at the poverty level. But somehow the Obama administration thinks it is on the right track. It refuses to change tactics and in fact insists that the only issue holding back a good economy  is Congress’ refusal to spend more money and insist on budget cuts. Furthermore, the Obama administration insists it should be channeling Europe’s money policy, as if the EU has a healthy vibrant economy.

Obama insultingly complains that the only real problem standing between the US and a healthy economy are some “phony” scandals. As if IRS targeting never happened, there were no heroes brought home from Benghazi in body bags and they didn’t lose thousands of weapons in Mexico leading to the deaths of Border Agent Brian Terry and over 300 Mexican nationals.

So it’s not Obama’s incompetence. Not his adherence to an outmoded and disproven economic model. Not his refusal to work with Congress. It’s all the other guys fault. The guys who won’t give everyone else their hard-earned money, and material goods. The guys who won’t share the wealth. It’s never about a divisive Obama not doing his job. This is socialist class warfare at it’s best and the Obama forces are just beginning. Heck, it’s all he’s got left.


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