Jack Lew Liar Liar Pants on Fire and Time for President MomJeans to Man-Up

The most ironic part of this interview is how Lew tries to tie the Obama administration’s desire to spend, spend, spend, instead of cut, to discussions with the IMF and unnamed European finance ministers. Sorry but somehow that basket case that is the European Union really doesn’t evoke any confidence that their socialist overspending and entitlement culture has any validity at all. Following the European Union’s money mismanagement style is not what anyone would think of when looking for a way towards economic recovery or growth.

Furthermore, we all want to educate the next generation. However, the idea that those who oppose the Obama administration’s throw-money-down-the-rabbit-hole-education-plan hates children is also a nonstarter. First we need to fix the public education system in this country and make children the priority not the teachers’ unions. Then let’s see just how much money there is left to educate the young once the Union fatcats are out of the picture. The way the system exists today, there is over a 75% drop out rate in some urban areas. No amount of money will fix that. It is the system not the pocketbook that is in need of overhauling.

Yes indeed  we all want to pay for the needed infrastructure upgrade. It is in our vital national economic interest, never mind national security interest, to have a functioning infrastructure. But first we need to go through and cut the real waste in the government. Obama’s appointed Simpson-Bowles committee actually took a crack at fixing the budget and not one recommendation has been put into place. In fact the only things that have happened is due to the sequester. Here people have been furloughed almost into poverty, and White House public tours have been canceled. Yet there seems to be enough money for  Obama to party-hardy and go on an 100 million dollar Africa trip and fund a several week Martha Vineyard vacation at taxpayer expense.

Lew also went on various Sunday television shows and kept repeating the line about phony scandals. Not only is this insulting to those who were caught in the IRS’ web of lies and are still fighting to find out the truth, but it is revoltingly disrespectful to those that died in Benghazi due to the Obama administration’s incompetence.

Someone needs to tell Lew and the Obama administration that the coverup; standing in front of the coffins, blaming these deaths on a video, is what is making this horror worse by the day. Obama needs to accept the ridicule he is going to get for allowing those he put in harm’s way to die. It is beyond Machiavellian how he decided it was better to let these honorable people die rather than to have saved them. It is revolting that Obama has decided he doesn’t have to explain to the country what really happened in Benghazi. That somehow he has become King and is above the law and the Constitution. Additionally to keep the survivors from testifying before Congress is sheer unadulterated cowardice. It does make a difference, whether Obama or the former Secretary of State thinks so or not. President MomJeans needs to, quite frankly, man-up for a change.

As far as Lew going on national television and prevaricating for his boss. Shame on him. Considering he claims to be a religious man, it would seem he needs to return to Yeshiva and find out what  “Not to bear false witness” actually means.


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