It’s Only Dead Jews-Who cares? Not the Obama Administration For Certain

I wonder when John Kerry would insist that the US Government release convicted terrorist-murderers in order to garner good will among the Taliban and al-Qaeda? Interestingly, we don’t really have to consider what Kerry or Obama might think about that scenario. Considering the recent successful attacks by al-Qaeda and the Taliban on prisons in Iraq (500 set free), Libya (1000 set free) and Pakistan (250 set free) there are now so many escaped terrorists running around that a new security nightmare for the USA is about to unfold in the Middle East.

The truth of the matter is that neither Kerry nor Obama would ever dream of releasing anyone connected with terror related matters from an American prison. So why would they insist Israel do just that simply to sit down with a Palestinian leadership that doesn’t even represent the Palestinian people? 104 mass murderers, some committing such gruesome crimes as burning alive a young mother and her children, are due to be set free for the honor of having Saeb Erekat lie to everyone once again.

The only answer I can think of is that the President of the United States and the Secretary of State believe the blood of Jewish children is cheap and not worthy of respect. It is more important for them to be seen doing something, anything actually, on the Arab-Israeli issue than to be seen as truly having any moral standards vis-a-vis child murderers. It’s also easier to allow Jews to be murdered than try to figure out what is going on in Syria, Egypt, Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq and the Gulf. Heck, the world won’t care when Obama’s peace push falls apart and Jews start being blown up on buses once again. For Obama and Kerry it’s what you would call a win-win situation. Accolades for trying to create “peace,” Jew-blaming when it falls apart.

It’s simple really. If the US government wanted to, they merely had to hold Abbas to the agreement to negotiate without preconditions or cut off financial support. But they didn’t. They acceded to Abbas’ vile demand and is forcing Israel to comply. Whether anyone thinks so or not, Israel still needs the USA (and not simply because of military aid), especially with the volatility of the present situation in the Arab world. Israel needs to believe somewhere, deep inside, that the US government has its back.(Not sure Obama does, but Israel needs to try to work the issue.) But will this really get anyone anywhere?

Palestinian Gaza is ruled by Hamas and they do not want to negotiate with Israel. In the Palestinian Authority there hasn’t been an election in years. Abbas neither has the good will of his people nor the legitimacy of even a phony election behind him. He is simply a dictator, doing as he pleases in order to keep his own house as rulers. He is the Saddam Hussein of the Palestinian world. Even factions of the PLO and Fatah (which Abbas is supposed to control) have come out against these negotiations. So who is speaking for Palestine and what does it actually mean for Israel in the end?

The question is also how is Netanyahu’s hands tied and can he actually trust the Obama administration? Israel needs the USA to stop the Iranian nuclear program. But it has also been trying to cajole the USA into action. So far the US has only supported sanctions and honestly the sanctions are meaningless. In fact the latest take on Iran is that somehow the new leader who was hand-picked by the Supreme Council and is a hell-bent on developing Iran’s nuclear program is seen as a “moderate.” Not certain how someone who still seeks genocide against the Jewish State is a moderate, but this scenario seems to work for the pro-Islamists-despise-Israel cabal running Foggy Bottom.

So is Netanyahu complying with the US pressure for the false promise that the USA will actually do something militarily against Iran or is it the promise that the USA won’t stop Israel? Why is there a 9 month limit on negotiations? What then? Is it Israel’s fault that there is no Palestinian State? How is Abbas going to be held to account? Where is the assurance that Obama will do what he promises? Veracity isn’t exactly Obama’s strongsuit. (Just look at Benghazi, the IRS scandal, a phony economic recovery and Fast and Furious to see how he has duped the American people.) And who will hold Obama to his promise? Certainly not the majority of the Jewish-American community,  along with AIPAC and other major Jewish organizations. Obama has seen this.

Obama has seen the compliance and the complicity in silence. Obama has witnessed the spinelessness of the Jewish-American community in choosing between the Jewish right of survival and the Democratic Party. The majority of Jewish-Americans pick suicide. Well suicide for some other Jews somewhere else, since they, these shastil-Jews, really don’t believe that those that wish death on Israeli children would wish death on Jewish-American children. Afterall they vote Democratic, which makes them the “good” Jews.

When Obama nominated complete antisemites (like Hagel, Brennan and now Powers) to cabinet level positions the organized Jewish community said and did nothing. It was the Jewish-outliers, the journalists and the Republicans who kicked up a fuss. And for this they were attacked and told to be quiet by Democratic Jews too afraid that no one would allow them back into the Jew-haters club of the progressive movement. Obama sees who he is dealing with, and he has no fear that anything he does to hurt Israel or Jews will ever come back to haunt him in any way.

Obama has no fear that there will be any price to pay for his open hatred of Israel. Obama has no fear that the Democratic Party will suffer for the open antisemitism of his administration. Heck this is the Democratic party that booed putting God and Jerusalem back into the party platform afterall. This is the Democratic Party and progressive movements, that is all to happy to take money from George Soros, a former Nazi collaborator and open virulent antisemite. Obama can do as he pleases by forcing Israel’s hand as he pleases. And more Jewish children are going to die as a result.

But Obama won’t care and neither will the DNC and neither will Jewish-American-Democrats. All they will see is that some Jews somewhere are getting killed and will blame it on the victim instead of the evil of Jew-hatred that they themselves perpetuate. (JStreet is oh so happy that these murderers are being released. They crow that they have the ear of the President.) When Jewish children start dieing because of the actions of the Obama administration, the Jewish-American-Democrats will bear the cause of these murders. Yes it will be their fault for not standing up to the defunct and openly cynical hatred of Israel in the Obama administration. But these Jews will not feel any shame. The delusional never do.

UPDATE: Laying the blame for all future terror murders at Israel’s doorstep has already begun. The world knows that those released will start killing as soon as possible. Jeffrey Goldberg ( a self-proclaimed Zionist and proud-Jew) over at Bloomberg News has already begun to blame the Israeli government rather than any Obama-Kerry coalition pressure or heaven forbid the Palestinians themselves. As I wrote  above, the sycophantic-Obama-loving-DNC-Jews just can’t help themselves.

From the lynching of an Israeli soldier in the West Bank. Just so there is no mistake in who is being released and how their community celebrates the murder of Jews.

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