The Left Proves that Feminism is Dead; Enabling Huma and Hillary

Not sure what to make of Huma Abedin. I understand that everyone’s marriage is compromise and understanding. I understand that you cannot read what is in someone else’s bedroom. But seriously…what is it going to take for her to get with the program that her husband is a sociopathic pervert? Listen we all make mistakes in our relationships. The issue is if you learn from those mistakes and fix the problems and your marriage. Or does one party just pretend to acquiesce to their spouse, all along deciding to continue with their ill and abusive behavior? At some point in the relationship the abused and derided individual needs to cut bait and get the hell out.

Many people are likening this latest Weiner twitter scandal and Abedin’s “standby your man Clinton” approach to her marriage as part and parcel of her mentor’s influence. After all her Secretary of State boss is the world’s best known human doormat. Not that Hillary didn’t get something out of her relationship with the serial womanizer and alleged rapist Bill. He was the former Governor of Arkansas who became President of the United States. So Hill-baby had access to enough powerful monies and influence to get her into the halls of power for her own sake. But as far as Huma is concerned, what did she think she was going to get with the likes of Weiner?

He, a poor, meeskite-boy, a foul-minded and ill-mannered individual with little to show as accomplishments in his career. Did she really think that one day he was going to be President or have the influence and power that a Clinton had? Did she really think that one day she would be able to parley a Congressman Weiner’s base into a stronger base for herself?

If power and money was what she was after, then she had to have met extremely wealthy and influential men in her decades with Clinton that dwarfed anything Weiner had to offer. In fact, Abedin, herself, had to have more power and money than Weiner ever did. So the question is what gives and why does it keep giving? The heart wants what the heart wants? Maybe. But doesn’t the head figure into the mix eventually? When did supposedly strong, brilliant and successful women start being so afraid of being strong, brilliant and successful?

In the case of Huma Abedin, long before she met her husband she was a success. (Unlike Hillary who was the caboose on Bill’s success train.) She had respect. She had accolades. She, as all good feminists will like to tell everyone, was the epitome of what a self-respecting independent and wholly together woman is supposed to be. She is Ms Magazine in the flesh. So for her to become not even the personification of Tammy Wynette  “stand by your man,” but the “stand by your man the sociopathic pervert” is rather hard to fathom.

What’s even harder to figure out is all the praise from the liberal gallery that she is getting.  Is it just something that is expected of democratic wives when their husbands publicly embarrass them because their husbands vote for unmitigated access to abortion? Is this the only litmus test for feminism in today’s day and age? When in the feminist agenda did it become de rigueur to allow your partner to treat you like crap?

The first time a spouse cheats, and yes sexting is cheating, some say let me see if we can work this out. That is their choice. You can’t really judge at that point. (OK, you can judge. But it’s not always fair to judge.) Huma was pregnant at the time the first story broke so anyone can even give her the benefit of the doubt. But again? This time with even more explicit photos, after he was supposed to have stopped the behavior and gone for support and therapy, which obviously he did not do.

So Weiner has now proven himself to be a cheat, a liar and a pervert. Is New York supposed to trust him with their future simply because Huma, as the wife, says she still does? Why are we supposed to follow the lead of a Huma Abedin?  A person who so obviously lacks any modicum of self-respect or  who is so Machiavellian that power for power’s sake as the ultimate goal is the essence of their life no matter the degradation. What is wrong with the modern women’s movement?

Here’s another question: Do you want such a man near your son unsupervised? No I am not saying that Weiner is a “pedophile” by any means. But he is seriously unbalanced and not someone who should be responsible for the well-being of any child. What is he going to teach their son? How to be a complete scumbag and try to get away with it? Divorce with supervised visitation until he could prove he no longer is a threat of any kind to anyone is where I would be going at this minute. Would that be easy? No. But Huma is not a woman without means, knowledge and connections. This is what Huma would be doing if she was a feminist, a champion of women’s rights and a role model for women, instead of a younger more pathetic version of Hillary Clinton.

Maybe she thinks that Weiner will still be Mayor of NYC. Maybe she is still living in a fantasy that this man will bring her  even more riches and glory than she could ever amass on her own. New Yorkers are a forgiving lot, but to bring into office someone who is a proven liar and a sociopath is beyond any amount of forgiveness. But then again New Yorkers aren’t really known for their common sense. They did make doormat Hillary their Senator after she “stood by her adulterous lecherous alleged rapist man.” New Yorkers along with their Democratic gurus blamed the Clinton-psychotic tendencies on a right-wing-conspiracy-lie and New York voters happily debased themselves for the sake of liberal-progressive views.

It is at  this moment in time when feminism died. Feminism went from a movement to empower women to a movement to enable the female enablers of male sexual perversion and female degradation, simply because they were democrats. Hillary was the sensei and Huma is the resultant student that surpasses the master. By defending these two embarrassments, feminists have abandoned their sisters world-wide. Every woman who is abused, neglected, maligned, brutalized and murdered for simply being female has been told by the American women’s movement, sister you are on your own HERE, HEREHERE, HERE.

The Malalas of the world need not apply for support.

Yet who knows. Maybe all the al-Qaeda wanna-bees will decide to like us if Weiner is elected (besides the fact that Islamists will be overjoyed with Huma’s connections to the Moslem Brotherhood and other Jihadists movements Here, Here, Here, Here). Afterall New York will have chosen a complete female-dehumanizing-sicko for a Mayor. The only thing missing will be the burqas and clitorectomies. It’s as if the Taliban will have a home to go to now. They’d know that like them,  there won’t be anyone that respects women living in Gracie Mansion.


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