Justice Justice Shalt Thou Pursue

It’s scary when I agree with Geraldo, “not every tragedy is a crime.” However…..

We are faced at times in our society with the understanding that our legal system is not perfect. But how could it be? It is a system created by  humanbeings  who themselves are fallible. No system of government, no system of justice is without flaws and recriminations. What we can do though is discuss how to make our system better.

1. It is not OK that a youngman who went to the neighborhood store is killed on the way home. Teach your children why this happened and how to avoid becoming a victim. Teach your children to use their brains and their smarts to avoid deadly confrontations. We, the public, must also  figure out what lead to the reality of the confrontation. You do that by asking the right questions.

What was the situation in the neighborhood?
Where was the training of the neighborhood watch?
Who ran the watch?
What were the rules?
Where are the laws that governed he behavior of a neighborhood watch patrol?
What did the 911 operator really say in this situation (it’s not what you heard on the news, listen to what the jurors heard)?
What were all the elements?
Were there drugs involved that impaired judgement?
Did the school system fail the victim at a much earlier time?
Did someone “egg the victim on” to fight instead of pushing him to go home?

There are no simple answers when a young life is sniffed out. Tragedies are a confluence of events.Trying to pin this tragedy down to one issue, such as race, insults society’s intelligence.

2. It is not OK for a government to single out a man found innocent of the crime and subject him to mob rule. We do not live in a fascist nation where the government decides guilt or innocence. That is for a jury of our peers. You do not have to like the jury decision. You can vehemently disagree. However, for any elected official to stand up and denigrate one of our most important Constitutional rights should preclude their ability to serve in public office. For a politician, or public charlatan, to callously use any tragedy to further their own political agenda is revolting.

3. It is not OK for people to  point to other crimes to illustrate a lack of objectivity on anyone else’s part. It is not OK to decide that simply because others have died horrific deaths or have suffered unfair judgements or that dozens are killed in lawless ways, that one particular case does not matter or that it is unworthy of attention. It is a form of comparison shopping which is unseemly and disrespectful to the dead, the living and most importantly to the grieving. Those doing it, please stop.

We, the United States, are a nation of laws. We are also according to polls, a God-fearing nation. We believe, as it says in the Declaration of Independence, that our rights come from nature and nature’s God. But God did not tell us to seek law, God in his infinite wisdom has commanded us to seek justice. So we must march forward to seek justice by asking the right questions and demanding honest answers, so that similar tragedies can be avoided in the future.


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