Hypocrites and More Foreign Policy Clowns Part 4

Repost March 2011…plus ca la change, plus ca la memechose
The Arab world is in an uproar. The Arab League gave permission for allies to bomb a fellow Arab country…and then took it back. They alluded to some inane concept of honor and dignity and how  Arabs don’t kill other Arabs (I guess when you oppress, persecute and torture your own Arab civilians that doesn’t count as Arab on Arab murder.) Have you ever heard such bull in your life? What they realized is that if they allowed the allies to bomb Libya that they and their despotic fiefdoms would be next. Hopefully the politically correct world will see through this turn-about-is two-faced game that is being played. But instead we see the Leftists trying to say that the UN should go all no-fly-zone-Quadaffi on Israel in dealing with the Palestinians…You can’t make this stuff up…Being that the anti-Semite Samantha Powers, of the Hillary is a monster fame, is a national security adviser you can see where this can lead. Remember she is the former Harvard professor who is so virulently anti-Israel that she wanted UN troops to go in and protect the Palestinians in the West Bank after the Jenin incursion. She called what happened in Jenin a massacre of civilians much like Arafat did, and was sorely embarrassed, but not apologetic, when it was found out that those killed at Jenin were  PLO terrorists. In fact it was anything but a massacre with Israeli soldiers putting their own lives at greater risk to protect any innocent civilians in the area. Just like they did during Cast Lead.
Hamas launched over 50 rockets into southern Israel and nary a peep out of the world. Are we surprised? Not really, not when the murder of the Fogel family hardly registered a blip of the world’s focus until Israel announced that in response they were going to end the moratorium on building in the Territories. But Israel, retaliating for the rocket barrage, that made headline news along with the unfortunate deaths of Palestinian children. No! the death of any child is not a good thing. But the children were not the targets and you did not see any Jews dancing, giving out candy or exploding fireworks in celebration. It hurts the Jewish heart [as it does the American heart] when the innocent die in war. But war it is and war it will be until Hamas stops thinking it can commit genocide against the Jewish state.
Of course then the Palestinians go and name a square for one of the worst child murderers in Israeli history, two days after the Fogel slaughter. Amazingly US Jewish organizations had to complain to the US State Department that they needed to condemn the PA’s actions. Somehow it seemed just find and dandy to the US State Department that Arabs again celebrate the death of Jewish children. What am I missing here?
The US goes and ventures into Libya without so much as a by your leave from Congress. It has no plan. It has no direction. It can’t even figure out what the mission happens to be. The question becomes why Libya? Why not Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Yemen, Syria and why not when it happened in Lebanon with the take over by Hezbollah? What is the US thinking and why are some people worth more than others? By the way someone should tell the US government that Sudan where there has been genocide going on for years now is just south of Egypt and Libya and the people there could use a no-fly zone too. Considering the President of Sudan is an indicted war criminal you would think that that would be a priority for the US government and the Nobel Prize winning President Obama. But nope, not on his radar.
Well Obama is in Brazil. Fancy that. He has decided to underwrite Brazil offshore oil exploration. A question: if it’s not healthy for the oceans just off the US coast to pursue offshore drilling why are the oceans safe off the shore of Brazil? Maybe the fact that the democratic bigwig, the wonderful proud Nazi collaborator, Soros, just invested in the Brazil oil company pursuing the offshore drilling. If we are supposed to explore ways to break our habit of foreign oil, why did Obama announce that we are going to buy more oil from Brazil? Is Brazil not a foreign country? I know Obama thinks that there are 57 states in the Union, but I didn’t think Brazil was one of them. Meanwhile Obama’s moratorium on offshore drilling has devastated the US oil industry. The areas where these people live are now depressed and the ripple effects in the economy are beginning to be felt nationwide. Tell me: How much did your food cost at the market this week? It’s all connected. The more it takes to ship the food, the more it will cost. The more it costs to make the food the more it will cost.
Breaking News as of 3/23/11 9am est: a suicide bomber just exploded bus #74 in Jerusalem. Details are sketchy. You think that someone is trying to deflect attention away from Arab despots by pissing Israel off? We all know that Iran wants to deflect attention from the take over of the Arab world by the Islamists extremists, be it Hezbollah in Lebanon or the Moslem Brotherhood in Egypt and the reports that al-Qaeda and Iran are actually fronting the Libyan, Yemini and Bahraini rebels. That there may be a rapprochement between the Palestinian factions is not a good thing in Iran’s eyes. They would lose power over the Palestinians with a truce between the parties because the PA turns to the West. In other words, the West bribes the Palestinians with billions of dollars, so the PA will turn to the West as long as the money holds out. In response, Iran tells Hamas to go cause trouble and they do. Cast Lead 2? Yes and they know it. They also know that the world will turn from Iran’s shenanigans and the death and mayhem they cause to bitch at Israel for protecting its citizens. Leaving Iran to cause trauma and end any hope of democratic freedom and reform in the Arab Middle East. Meanwhile more rockets fell on southern Israel right after the bombing. Many of the rockets were said to contain phosphorous.

Meanwhile, hours after the bombing still no word from the US State Department. I guess they are trying to figure out how to make the terrorist bombing Israel’s fault. Watch, Israel gets blamed for not going into predetermined negotiations with a people who still want to destroy it and refuse to recognize Israel’s right to define itself.

The West, their politically correct, cultural relativist, anti-Semitic perspective on life is just so predictable. Funny how the intellectual elites think they are so smart yet all they are is being played into loosing a very lethal game of chess by some very evil men.  (here, here, here) Where have I heard that one before?(here, here, here)

UPDATE: Apparently Obama has issued a statement condemning the Jerusalem bus bombing. (Took almost a day, guess he needed to figure out how to spell c-o-n-d-e-m-n and violation of civilized norms.) Unfortunately he equated the unfortunate civilian deaths in Gaza,  which Israel apologized for and for which the civilians themselves blamed Hamas, with this recent act of terror. Here  I wonder when errant US bombs kill civilians in Libya if Obama will equate the acts of US armed forces with terrorism?  Can this man and his advisers be anymore incompetent?


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