Foreign Policy Clowns: Part 2-Democracy Emasculated


Repost April 2010…plus ca la change, plus ca la memechose

I wrote an earlier post about foreign policy and how it fits into our constitutional system. With this post I am going to take a bit of a detour from understanding how the constitution fits into our daily lives and try to put some of the foreign policy puzzle pieces together. I am seeing somethings that give me pause. I am wondering if anyone else out there sees it too.

This administration has reached out to the Moslem world. This of course is a good thing. But they reach out in a way that does not better the Moslem world or bring it into today’s reality. The present administration follows the rule of cultural relativism; that we as a democratic society cannot and should not pass judgment on others in how they run their society, unless of course it’s Israel. So they go into the Arab world and tell them that their view of history is correct whether it is or not (actual history here; also for another balanced view here),that their gender apartheid is ok, child-marriage is ok, honor killings are ok, lack of any real democratic institutions are ok, the continuation of the dissemination of anti-Semitic education and literature is ok, beheadings are ok, torture and rape in prison is ok, lack of adherence to basic human rights is ok, female genital mutilation is ok, and duplicity in the plight of the Palestinians is ok because we wouldn’t want to impose on anyone our own worldview. (It might make the US seem judgmental and we wouldn’t’ want to piss off any third world dictator, oligarch or strongman. Oh yeah let’s not forget the bows and the supplication to these tyrants, too). Heck, the present administration sided with the undemocratic forces in Honduras and is still punishing that country for standing up for its own constitution.(hat tip: Le-galIn-sur-rec-tion) I mean who really needs pesky old democracy anyway.

They do nothing to stop genocide in Darfur that might anger the Moslem world (Can’t bring a Moslem dictator to justice even though he has been indicted by the World Court. Of course it would be ok, if nations try Israelis for self-defense during Operation Cast Lead). They tell the Arab world that they can continue to preach virulent anti-Semitism in their newspapers and on-line and call for genocide against the state of Israel. They tell the Arab world that you can still fund jihadist pursuits if you dress it up like a charity and now allow supporters of the Moslem Brotherhood into the country to go on a speaking tour (Tariq Ramadan). Meanwhile they send their compatriots in Code Pink to meet with Hamas and even engage in a pen pal relationship with this terrorist organization. They apologize to Libya; you know the ones who murdered hundreds of Americans over Lockerbie, for inadvertently insulting them. They are going to allow Islamist-turning and Iran-kissing Turkey and virulently anti-Semitic Egypt to gang up on Israel, at next week’s international nuclear conference, to demand they allow international inspectors into Dimona-like that would ever happen.( Oh yeah, let’s let some of the most vile anti-Semites into our most secret weapons facility.) Then of course the present US government doesn’t let the Israeli nuclear scientists into the US for education. By the way, this administration just relaxed visa requirements to the Arab nations where known terrorists came from –all initially on student visas. This administration insults the Prime Minister of Israel because he doesn’t step and fetch it like they want, of course the President did the same thing to the Dalai Lama, so I think Netanyahu is in good company there…

They remove from national security documents any negative terminology relating to Islam or Islamic extremism. They call terrorism manmade disasters. They fail to oversee obviously unstable and radicalized members of the military, who end up murdering soldiers or trying to poison them, while they prosecute 3 navy seals who truly risked their lives for us. They have threatened to impose a peace solution on Israel, and one of the advisors to the president has threatened to attack Israel militarily if they do not comply with this administration’s view on Iran and try to protect themselves. This government takes nuclear protection off the table in any war situation. This administration signs a nuclear reduction treaty with the Russian government who says, at the conference that this doesn’t’ mean that they will disarm or side with the US on Iran. While in the meantime Russia has its minions overrun the government of a strategic American ally and promptly throw the US military out of the country; a base by the way that the US needs to rearm its soldiers in Afghanistan (Kyrgyzstan).

Iran, Syria, North Korea, Russia, Venezuela all have armament deals, and a lot of those arms are nuclear related. These nations foment terrorist movements throughout the world and try to create instability in every region, but the only nation that the Present administration threatens is Israel. They have allowed China to run roughshod over Africa taking over as much of the natural resources that they can. Meanwhile this administration also does nothing to stop or condemn the brutality of African regimes and the state of women in Africa as well. (Ironically former President Bush was loved in Africa for the support he gave to the betterment of the lives of the average African) The present administration refuses to protect the border with Mexico and allows the drug gangs to terrorize American citizens living in the southwest. I don’t know, does the President think that because we came into control of that land due to war it really belongs to Mexico and the American government should abdicate their rights to the land?(Yes, this last one is facetious).

I cannot figure out if this administration is unintelligent, inept, incompetent, moronic, guided by anti-Semitism and hatred for their own country or just downright stupid. They have as advisors some of the most failed foreign policy advisors in recent history and academics who are hostile to their own nation and what this nation stands for. I truly think that one of the more insulting recent events is when the President decided to tell Israel what and where they can build in their own capital Jerusalem and then proceeded to have a Passover seder in the White House to sway any idea that he was an anti-semite. Did he not read the last line of the haggadah? It does not say “next year in the part of Jerusalem where Obama will let you live.” it says “next year in Jerusalem.” (Watch here)

In the 1930s society thought that they could appease evil if they gave them a little bit of someone else’s nation. The Sudetenland was sacrificed in the naive hope that that would stop Hitler. It didn’t work then and it won’t work today. Our enemies hate us because we are who we are. To have them stop hating us, we would have to become them, not just let them alone to destroy the lives of the people in their own nations. Perhaps this administration thinks that if they give the Islamists Israel and then allow them to commit another Holocaust then the Islamists would leave America alone. Unfortunately with evil it doesn’t work that way. In his speech to the Nobel Committee the President reminded them that there is evil in the world and that there is nothing you can do but fight against it. I am beginning to wonder just who the President was referring to. Maybe the President doesn’t think it’s the Islamists and tyrants like Chavez, but us that are evil, I can’t tell anymore. Can you?


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