Foreign Policy-Bring in the Clown Part 3

Repost August 2010
For anyone who thought that some semblance of intelligence had descended upon the Obama State Department you just had your hopes dashed in one fell swoop (here, here). The Obama Administration has written a report for the UN Human Rights Council (insert laugh track here) that holds us, the American people, up as human rights violators. If is almost as if we are living in a really really bad television comedy where the title characters who represent your existence are alien beings from another world who have absolutely no idea what the realities of the planet Earth happen to be.

That this Administration actually cites the Arizona Immigration Law, a direct copy of its own federal law, as violative of human rights, to nations like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Libya and Cuba, those that have some of the real worst human rights records on the planet is beyond ludicrous. This Administration is actually creating a mea culpa of forgiveness from the likes of people that stone women to death on a charge of adultery, hang people for being homosexual and are about to butcher a youngman’s spinal chord because he caused an accident that paralyzed another individual.

Apparently the fact that the Congress has not passed card check is also a human rights violation. So it seems that it is now a violation of human rights when you don’t take from a person the right of a secret ballot. The fact that there is no freedom of vote and no opposition parties in Cuba and if you do voice an opinion you end up in prison for decades doesn’t seem to matter to the Obama State Department. For some reason we need their forgiveness for not being…oh what…like them?

It is not bad enough that the UNHRC is one of the worst purveyors of virulent anti-Semitism on the planet. It was bad enough when Obama decided it was a good thing to join this farce and lets us dare say Nazi-like organization. But to actually give credence to the UNHRC and to debase the United States in order to try to win approval and rack up points with the likes of Bashir, the Sudanese mass murderer and promoter of genocide, is beyond any normal thought and comprehension.

I know the spokesperson for the State Department says they want to show that we don’t think we are a perfect nation, but come on…who are you going to ask for forgiveness? The UN, whose own forces were implicated in child sex trafficking in the Congo,? Or the UN who has never finished investigating its own corruption in the Oil-for-Food scandal. Or the UN that wastes how many billions of American tax dollars on self promotion and luxuries while people starve around the world. Or the UN that has yet to call an act of terror against the State of Israel and the Jewish people an act of terror.

In fact, the UNHRC is so mired in bullshit that they can’t come up with a definition of terror because it may mean that the lives of Jewish children are important. Oh and by the way, Hamas, whom the Obama administration would like to bring into the peace talks with Israel, just took responsibility for murdering 4 Israelis on the West Bank, one of whom happened to be a pregnant woman. So tell me when is there going to be an investigation of that incident by the UNHRC?

Meanwhile, the Obama administration was able to get Iran on the UN Council for Women’s Rights because they wanted to bring these individuals into the world community.

So I suppose Iran (Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Nigeria, to name a few) can tell us all about stoning and how it is a human right and in a woman’s best interest. I wonder if  the Obama Administration can use their new-found we-are-as-bad-as-the-rest-of-you-muscle in the UNHRC to get an investigation of Hamas? But that would also imply that the Obama Administration thinks that Hamas are the bad guys.

By the way, where is the UNHRC investigation into the Allegations by Der Spiegel that Turkey used chemical weapons on the Kurds? Is that happening at the same time as the investigation of the terrorist’s flotilla incident financed by the IHH? Or is it the investigation that is happening after the latest round of anti-Israel, and Holocaust denying speech by the human rights loving Iranians and their Syrian counterparts? Where is the Obama Administration calling for the investigation like they called for an investigation of Israel? Oh right, only western aligned democracies should be investigated and since Turkey has been kept out of NATO they shouldn’t be investigated for human rights and genocide violations.

According to the US State Department, we should bow down and kiss the ring of every dictator and evil son of a bitch that walks the halls at the UNHRC. How else are we going to get them to like the United States? Problem with that is, twofold: first, why in God’s name do we want the respect of these heinous human beings that sit on this farce of a council and two, we will gain respect worldwide only when we have a President and his Cabinet who respect the United States. We will regain our place in the world, when we, as the human rights leader of the world, actually start acting like the leader of the free world once again and take our place as the champion of freedom, not the champion of stupidity.

Our Israeli friends better truly be careful before they allow themselves to be drawn into some peace talks backed by this Administration. You can’t trust someone to have your back when they don’t even have enough sense to understand the difference between right, wrong, friend, foe, up, down and happen to think and reason not with their brain but out of their tuchas.


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