Of Political Perfidy and Perverts

Seriously New York City is there no one else out there but a disgraced ineffectual classless pol caught adulterously sexting and a former “steamroller-narcissistic-abusive-loser” governor who according to vice law and the Mann Act should have been in prison for a few years rather than living lavishly on Park Avenue. And they say machine politics in New York is dead.

Spitzer’s Chutzpah

Sex and the Sorriest Pols

Spitzer Redux

The Spitzer Method

Weiner to Run for NYC Mayor

Weiner I’m Running for NYC Mayor and By the Way There Might be More Pictures

Weiner is winning the NYC mayor’s Race

First Weiner for Mayor, Now Spitzer for Comptroller

I guess NYC really hasn’t come that far from Tammany Hall has it? Only this time its the Clinton Machine and real estate money that is working overtime to bring back these perverts in all their political-perfidy.

These two are going to make me long for the days of Nanny Bloomberg.



Weiner Scandal Puts Clinton Machine to the Test

Hillary trying to Shake Weiner

Clinton’s Livid at Weiner Scandal Comparions

Hillary Keeping Safe Distance From Weiner

Weiner Slips to 4th Place in NYC Mayoral Race


Spitzer’s Other Scandal: Abuse of Power

The Spitzer Method

Spitzer on Weiner



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