Attacking the Interest Rate Hike Instead of the Real Problem: No Future Inducing Jobs

I wonder if the pundits ever get tired of pulling out the same old drivel about college and how it is not worth the cost. In their latest diatribe the voices that talk all day long have decided that since the college interest loan rate is going up no one should ever go to college ever. Or as Greg Gutfeld of Fox News puts it, “All college students do is play video games and get drunk.” (This attitude annoyed me so I tweeted a question to Mr. Gutfeld. I asked him exactly what did he do during college and got no response, by the way)

Gutfeld may be considered a comedic political commentator, but it seems to me that the noise at Fox News over educating our children is getting shriller. I also find it funny that it is those without children who shrill the loudest. But isn’t that always the way. Those who never had any children seem to know everything there is to know about raising them.

I have written on this topic before (Here, Here, Here) and it still irks me to no end. What is it about people who have their college educations thinking that no one else is allowed to learn? What is wrong with conservatives that somehow a college education is anathema to the real world? It’s the left-wing and liberal take over of education that bothers them. Are they so afraid of being challenged by their children? Stand your ground, fight with your children, argue and dispossess them of any notion that they are dealing in the real world. Tell your children “No” once in a while. It will do them and you some good. Believe me, “no” works wonders.

But now, on the other hand,  these same pundits talk about how if someone goes to college they should make it a practical degree akin to technical school. So forget English literature, western civilization, studying Socrates and Plato or ceramics. Just make certain your child knows how to read a schematic and put together all their crap from IKEA.

A college education is about learning how to write, think, understand, reason and analyze. A college education is about learning how to challenge yourself and see how much farther you can push yourself. A college education is about being a total know-it-all when students come home on vacation. It is knowing that parents never had an original thought in their heads nor wanted to save the world at the tender age of 20 either.

The wonder of a college education is that it  is all about being young, naive and thinking you can change the world. It is idealism and obnoxiousness. It is throwing out all those old stale concepts that have screwed up mankind (to the students mind), while looking for something more open and more reasonable. It is still being idealistic and romantic before the real world hits you in the ass.

Is education off the rails expensive? Yes it is. It always was. College has always been for the privileged in society. That ideal changed, however, when America became a nation of upward mobility. Upward mobility was part of the American birthrite. People still gear their children to that end. You do earn more in your lifetime if you have a college degree. That is still a  fact. Yet your child doesn’t have to go to Harvard to get a good degree. There are as many avenues open to people who want a degree as there are people in the USA.

The truth is though that at some point America needs to deal with the realization that you really can’t do materially better than your parents. A house is a house. A car is a car. A vacation is a vacation. Clothes are clothes. Yes, computers and laptops and iPhones have changed the “standard of living equation” for certain. Yet, for some substantial things, just being able to have the same standard of living as your parents becomes the reality. The question becomes though, is that truly a bad thing? It is not stagnation. You still have to build, achieve and grow something in order to build what your parents built before you. Noone handed these material things to those that came before you, why should anyone hand them to this generation?

But the pundits are ignoring the real issue staring them smack dab in the face. The problem really isn’t that students come out of school with so much debt (yes its alot to start out with) or that the student loan interest rate went up (doubled from 3% to 6%- by the way mine were at 9% and still are). The ultimate issue is that there are no jobs for these recent graduates. If there were the jobs there would be the money to pay back the loans. If there were jobs these young people would feel that they had something to work towards. But many twentysomethings today also think that they are entitled, and some of their parents also think their children are entitled, to these major paying positions without having to pay their dues. (Just look at the nonsense spouted by occupy Wall Street protesters “Will work for a $70,000 a year job.”)

Well the real world doesn’t work that way. Sometimes after college you have to live at home with your parents, with multiple roommates, in a scaled down apartment or get a higher degree in order to compete in the world. Sometimes you really do have to work two or even three jobs to make ends meet. Sometimes you can’t afford luxury, maids and vacations. Sometimes you really do need to eat pb&js instead of steak.

In today’s economy entry-level jobs are also scarce unless you graduated with a STEM degree. But not everyone is cut out for that area of study. Not everyone has the brain to work through numbers, chemicals, and computer code. There has to also be variety of thought and talent in our society as well or we will cease to be a complete society. Art and music are just as intrinsic to the well-being of humanity as is science and technology.

Therefore, the ultimate issue for our offspring isn’t that college is bad or useless. It is that the adults in the room have made it difficult for our children to think of a future. And without any hope of a future there is no reason to educate your children or work to make this a better world. Without hope of a future there is no future. There is only disintegration, and ultimately revolution. Egypt is truly a cautionary tale.

So the actual question then that needs to be asked is: what exactly is the goal of those that control the purse-strings? What do they hope to accomplish? What are the aims of those in political power and what is the goal of the punditry? How did it get so bad that there truly is no American power structure? How did it get so bad that the middle class jobs all went overseas and we have nothing with which to replace them? How did it get so bad that short-term financial goals are better than being able to see and work for a future?

We looked for the quick dollar, instead of thinking longterm. We thought the money train would last forever, and ignored the terrible money-policy that was right in front of us. We thought the worth of our houses would keep going up and up and up. We forced bankers into untenable situations where they had to give loans when it wasn’t economically feasible. We gave no incentive for CEOs to keep their industries here in the USA. We did not change the reality of corporate fiduciary duty. We did not reign in the speculators on Wall Street and when we did, ended up with a useless and job constricting law that only makes the bills authors feel better about their own malfeasance.

It is time to realize that the “kids” are probably right this time. We, the older generations, really did screw up the world in so many ways. Perhaps instead of picking on our children,  the up and coming generation, it is time we looked inward. We had better find a way to fix the economy and dearth of real future inducing jobs fast. The next generation is entitled to know that they do have a future and the hope that goes along with it.


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22 Responses to Attacking the Interest Rate Hike Instead of the Real Problem: No Future Inducing Jobs

  1. Rob Miller says:

    Hmm, quite a lot here E! Let’s start with your discussion of college. You are describing college as it used to be, before it became an industry that largely functions by perpetuating the myth that if you borrow a few hundred thousand dollars, you too can become part of the Ruling class with a cushy job, especially in academia. Unfortunately, the spots are mostly taken these days.

    The entire idea of a liberal arts education unless you are talking about an exceptional student is largely a thing of the past in our public schools and even many of our our universities. Today’s students are largely being trained, especially in the humanities not how to write, think, understand, reason and analyze but to adapt to PC lingo, love the prison walls and regurgitate what will get them through a class. And the indoctrination ( there is no other word for it) starts well before they hit college. Except for private and religious education, the Left owns K-12 education, especially since teaching became a sleazy union gig where even the best teachers are forced to teach by rote and diktat. This is especially true in the large public school district where I live, which is why I sent my kids to a private religious school as soon as my oldest was ready to hit middle school.

    And if you heard some of the back and forth discussions about ultimate issues or Torah and how various parshas relate to current events or talked to my kids for five minutes, you’d know they weren’t drones or echo chambers but intelligent young people who have actually been trained to think, analyze and reason on their own. I’d say the same about your son BTW, based on his thesis. A lot of today’s college students can barely write a coherent sentence, read at an elementary level and cannot construct a rational argument or even defend what they believe or explain why they believe it . They know little history, let alone any range of philosophy, or even basic civics. And it’s not their fault. They’ve been mind raped from an early age to parrot Leftist cant while being hopped up with self esteem based on everything but their actual achievements. So of course a lot of them blame society. And voted for Obama, who just like their professors cynically conned them into being lemmings…’Hope n’ change’.

    Of course, the current resident of the White House never explained to them that the changes he had in mind were designed to make them hope they were able to hang on to any change after he got through with them.

    I would point out that there were a lot of people who scrimped and saved to put themselves through college back when it was lot harder and were victimized by the Depression, which was far worse than what we’re going through now. Rather than sit back like a lot of today’s youth and continue to expect the world to hand them a living just because of how awesome they are, the youth of that time adapted and eventually persevered.

    Today’s youth will eventually do the same, and a number of the more intelligent ones are already headed in that direction.


    • asd2mom says:

      Hi Rob,
      I wouldn’t say that the attitude towards college is any different today than it was when we were young. College was the gateway to a better life. It still is.

      I would say that its the college itself and what is expected from the student rather than college education as a whole. I can tell you that my liberal arts degree was totally worthless. I attended Boston University (Howard Zinn was even one of my professors). I learned less in those four years over 35 years ago than my children learn today in their very small liberal arts college. Their requirements for graduation out does anything I had to complete by a fair margin and they are held to alot higher stricter than I ever was. It was not until I entered law school that my education actually began. So the issues you talk about I think started alot earlier than just a few years ago.

      Now as far as a public education k-12. I cannot disagree with you. Overall I think we have a two-tier system of education. Public where the school does not do their job and charter school/private school where parents try to get the best education possible for their children. But in all honesty I can’t really just blame the schools. My father (RIP) was an 8th grade social studies in Florida. He required the children to answer their exams in full sentences. Even tried to teach them how to write a full sentence. While many parents actually were pleased with the education he tried to give their children he was actually amazed at the number of parents that objected to that requirement. So its not always the teacher or the educators fault. It is as we shall say a two-way street where the parents don’t demand and in fact may even hinder the teacher doing their job.

      In fact we used to compare parent-teacher night with his school and my home district. He would be happy if he got 20 parents out of 5 classes worth of children to come talk to him on open house. Meanwhile here in my district the police are needed to organize the traffic and there is busing to get parents back and forth to the schools. It is so crowded walking through the hallways that you feel as if you are in a sardine can. Parents have alot to do with education and college education as well. When parents demand excellence they will get excellence. When they tell teachers that it is unfair to make a student write in full sentences, then you get the future generation unable to read, write and think. As far a leftist lingo in k-12 there is more than enough here in my district. Nicholas Kristof is a yearly speaker at the highschool. But it never scared us it just made my boys more aware of who they were and the issues they stood for. No teacher actually ever bothered them (of course it could also be because of their issues), and if they had there would been quite the parental phone call and a discussion with legal representation.

      Now as far as this generation being able to get their act together the same way those who lived through the depression did…I wholeheartedly agree with you. I have nieces and nephews who worked hard through college and are working harder now in the real world. So are their friends. They didn’t ask for anything special except a job. They started at the bottom and have worked hard earning raises and promotions. In fact most of them started as interns with no pay and hoped they would be hired on permanently. I think most of today’s generation would be very happy to start at the bottom. As I said in the post, they simply want jobs in their fields and jobs that have a future. And yes there is a huge group of the next generation that think everything should be handed to them, but you just can’t blame Obama and the Left for that. It is also our fault as parents that did not teach them that they are required to eventually stand on their own two-feet. Our generation messed up own kids with this entitlement attitude so prevalent in this generation. We really did screw things up royally.

      And as far as this generation being lost to liberal politics, I would say that the cry is too early to tell. I remember being quite alot more liberal in many areas of my life when I was younger (well actually no, since I was a Reagan Republican even as an 18 year old). But the hubby was quite the liberal. It all changed of course, as he earned a living, had children and saw just what things costs and what he needed to do for his own first. You know the old saying, that a conservative is just a liberal that has been mugged 🙂



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