It’s Called Democracy, Warts and All

Repost March 2o10
I’m sorry but I find it hard to feel bad for the Democratic Party when citizens of this country call them names. For almost the entirety of President Bush’s term in office he was assaulted with invectives, threats of investigations and impeachments, threats of physical violence and derision. Not once did the mainstream media ever call for an end to this name calling. Not once did the MSM say how terrible it was for the country. Not once did the MSM chastise those who even threatened the life of the President. You have to be a grown-up in this office, they said. It’s freedom of speech, they said. Dissent is the highest form of patriotism, they said. You know, they are absolutely right.

So what happens? The right-wing politicos catch on. They heap derision on the President. They yell invectives, politically harsh language is used, threats are made and some even call for the taking up of arms (Ok now that is a little much to say the least) . Guess what? According to the MSM, this time, all these harsh rhetoric is causing incivility in the country. That is causing harsh feelings and is un-American behavior. The MSM continues that it is unpatriotic to not support your President and challenge the Congress. Hmmm…

Part of what I do here on this blog is to call attention to the crap that we have to live with. Oh I don’t mean the little nonsenses that govern your everyday life. There is always something that gets in the way of what you want and need to do. The misplaced car keys, the lost glasses, the flat tire, the forgotten school lunches, the really grumpy boss who takes everything out on you and the long line at the grocery which sets everything else that you need to accomplish back time wise. These are things we deal with just because they are part of life. It is no big deal (well the grumpy boss making your life miserable is definitely not fun), but you learn to go with the flow.

What I am talking about here is the total and absolute hypocrisy with which we have to live within the name of democracy. No, I would not live any other way, but that does not mean I don’t call people out for the ridiculousness. I mean really, I have never seen such infantile behavior since I sat in a middle school classroom. I have never seen politicians cry so much about the other side of the aisle. One side starts, the other side complains and vice versa. We call that chutzpah-when a person who is convicted of killing his parents then throws himself on the mercy of the court because he is an orphan. It is all chutzpah plain and simple.

Listen if you don’t want people to call you names, don’t call them names. What is the golden rule, do unto others? You call people un-American because they question you don’t forget that when it’s your turn they will do the same to you. So what is the reaction? The newly attacked, who have been the instigators for years, cry boohoo. Better yet they decide to send out a mass email to let people know how horrible the other side is, complete with a video of a screaming mob (received that email this morning.) Heaven forbid we yell at a law-maker who is doing something we don’t want, who disrespects our opinions and overrides our desires. I mean heck, we are after all ignorant children, you can’t expect us to have a say in our own future.

But then there is an even better approach then lets deride the other side, let’s just use it as fund-raising. How does a political party use the angst of the people to make money? Well, I guess that is what they all do, isn’t it. However, I do think that that is beyond reprehensible. I think it’s disgusting. There have been hate mail, nasty voice mails, some say racial slurs, shots fired at office buildings and families threatened. The country is in turmoil and someone wants to make money off of it. I say throw the bums out. Fire anyone who did that. If you call for civility find out who is the uncivil ones in your organization and pink slip the lot of them. But no one calls for anyone’s head to roll. No one calls for an end to the cynicism. No the only thing you hear is name pointing. It’s hypocrisy pure and simple. Ok, it is what it is, say it, accept it and don’t cry when the other side does the same thing.

Listen rough and tumble politics is what America has always been about. Name calling and threats and divisiveness have characterized our landscape since our inception. Political parties duking it out over legislation and citizens screaming at the top of their lungs, is what made this country strong. Media bashing one candidate over another, media taking sides, however inelegantly, media trying to turn the tide of an election is nothing new. It is our politics. It is part of who we are. Democracy is inelegant. Democracy is a hard-core battle of wills and battle of wit. Democracy is in your face ideals and realities. Democracy is not easy. Democracy is hard work. Democracy is being a grown-up and not crying because you feel bullied. Democracy is standing up for yourself and not letting yourself be bullied.

Oh how inelegant of me. Oh how terrible. Oh goodness, we need a kinder gentler approach to freedom. Sorry but when people believe, rightly or wrongly, that their future and their children’s future is at stake tempers ratchet itself up and words will be spewed forth. People are entitled to feel as they feel and people are entitled to yell what they want, and people are entitled to not take nonsense from their political leaders anymore. You want elegant, white gloves and tea sandwiches, go to a garden party. You want freedom, welcome to democracy, but bring plenty of rags, it gets messy and there is always a lot of clean-up.


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