Why Europe Has a Problem with Israel

From Prager University


Remember too, that these same European elites who denounce Israel, are so self-important that they voted themselves the Nobel Peace Prize. This was their way of telling the world that their ideals about government are the way to bring about peace in our time.

In truth, overt and covert antisemitism drives Israel Derangement Syndrome (IDS) much more than most in the world will admit. For if it was simply the desire to end the nation-state, every nation would be under the same guidelines and assault internationally that Israel happens to be. But that is not the case.

No nation is held to the same level of scrutiny that the EU elites and the UN happen to hold Israel. There is a double standard applied to Israel, a movement to demonize everything Israel does in defense of her citizenry and a desire to dehumanize Israel to the point that genocide against the Jewish State would be seen as legitimate in the eyes of the world. The US State Department has labeled this type of international criticism of Israel as antisemitism.

In fact IDS conjoined with the European elite belief in multiculturalism, political correctness and cultural relativism has become a self-destructive and suicidal bargain entered into with those that despise freedom, liberty, democracy and equality among peoples (the Islamists and their left-wing apologists.) The European elites, then, in order to destroy Israel, are more than willing to annihilate themselves. That level of venal hatred is something that simply cannot be ignored.



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