Just a Little Reminder for Persons With a Security Clearance

Maybe the government should have put this poster up near Snowden’s desk while he worked on that super-secret Booz Allen project.

How did our present government give a security clearance to someone with Snowden’s background? How did he pass?

My neighbor’s son applied for a job that required a security clearance and I had a Secret Service agent at my door asking questions about the youngman. They visited his school, spoke to his professors and coaches. They investigated this “child” back through the beginning of his life. The same thing happened when my nephew had to get a security clearance as well. Hours of paper work and he too was investigated up the ying-yang.

Did no one investigate Snowden? Did no one administer any psychological testing? The irony of the entire Snowden affair is that he left the USA because he didn’t want to live in a nation that surveils its citizens. So he ran to the ChiComs. Afterall their totalitarian society is so freedom loving. Just ask the people who survived Tiananmen Square.

Heck Putin offered him asylum this morning too. I am certain these evil men would love to get their hands on American secrets. They aren’t about to give Snowden asylum for nothing. There is going to be a pricetag and a hefty one at that. Just wondering what Snowden really has for sale.

Giving away American national security secrets to benefit yourself is treason. He is no differant than any traitor through out American history. Don’t forget that.

By the way if you really ever thought your communications on the internet or over cell phone towers were private you’re an idiot.


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