Liberation of Jerusalem 46 Years Ago

From 1948 until the end of the Six-Day War, Jews were banned from the Old City of Jerusalem. The occupying army, the Jordanians, desecrated the Kotel, the last remaining wall of the Temple, the holiest religious site in all of Judaism. They destroyed over 30 synagogues including the Hurva Synagogue. They ethnically cleansed the Old City of Jerusalem of its majority Jewish inhabitants.

Then the Six-day War broke out. The Israeli government asked King Hussein of Jordan to stay out of the fight between Israel, Egypt and Syria. But on the 4th day of the war, the King ordered his troops to attack Israeli positions in Jerusalem. This gave Israel the opening she needed to liberate the ancient city and drive out those that had usurped the ancient Jewish holy sites.

In the video below, which is a combination of old newsreels and the actual wireless communications during the battle, you can hear Commanding General Motta Gur extolling the world “Har habayit b’yadeny.”..the Temple Mount is in our hands

You then hear Rabbi Shlomo Goren reciting a prayer for those that died liberating the Kotel and blowing the shofar in celebration of this great miracle. In the background you can also hear the soldiers weeping.

Rabbi Shlomo Goren at the liberated Kotel.

No event lights up the imagination of miracles more than what happened on those June days in 1967. Since then Israel has declared Jerusalem her united capital. It is her seat of government. Jerusalem is the central place of the Jewish religion, mentioned over 700 times in the Torah. We Jews, pray for the peace of Jerusalem, the City of Peace.

Yet the enemies of the Jewish people do not pray for peace, they pray for the destruction of the Jewish people and the obliteration of the State of Israel. Sadly today there are those, especially in the Arab world, who denigrate the Jewish connection to the Land of Israel, Jerusalem and out right lie about the importance of the Kotel. These enemies, like the Palestinian Authority and Hamas, demand that the Jews once again give up their holy places to those that practice Temple Denial, the denial of the Jews’ attachment to the land of Israel and just like the President of the PA practices, even Holocaust Denial .

How does the world think that Israel can make peace with People who refuse to accept their historical rights and the right of their nation to exist? In all truth the world really doesn’t think any of Israel’s concessions will lead to peace. Yet it is not peace that the world truly seeks. The world wants to scapegoat the Jews once again, for the world’s own failure to live up to a moral and ethical code. The world wants to blame the Jews for the world’s own inhumanity. The liberal elites want to blame the Jewish State, as Sec of State John Kerry has recently, for the professional political class’ own failure, cowardice, malfeasance, egocentric and malevolent machinations toward their fellow human beings.

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