Jewsh-American “Leaders” Are Chickenshit

November 2011

While this repost deals with issues concerning the antisemitic hate fest known as Israel Apartheid Week, any thinking person can see how we can extrapolate this concept of spinelessness to include any issue dealing with Israel and Jews that goes against the Obama grain. Leading Jewish organizations are so afraid to upset their pro-Obama donor base that they have basically sold out Israel and the survival of the Jewish people to leftist-progressive agenda acolytes. How can you tell if the Jewish organization is actually worth your while? Find the ones targeted by the IRS and there you have Jews with a handle on truth and reality.

The antisemitic hate fest called Israel Apartheid Week has begun on college campuses around the country. While our children are maligned, assaulted and harassed in some cases to the point that they leave their colleges, the leaders of the Jewish American community do nothing. Absolutely nothing. (Why did that female student at Berkley have to bring suit on her own? Why didn’t the organized Jewish community come to her defense?) Update: Yes there are wonderful organizations like Zionist Organization of America, Stand With Us and Shurat ha Din, that now try to help the students on college campuses. But even the AJC in their indelible wisdom last year, came out with a statement that there is no antisemitism on college campuses, even though college antisemitism has become a raison d’etre since this original post went up. However, Columbia University did hold a convention dedicated to organizing all the Israel Apartheid Week activities nationwide and only a handful of protesters came. In fact, not one word was said to Columbia about holding court for such a convention. But then this is the Columbia that invites Ahmedinajad to speak but disinvites the Egyptian-feminist Wafa Sultan.

The Jewish organizations sit in their little holes, under their slimy rocks and try to pry more money out of us parents, and tell us that the greatest danger facing our children is that of marrying a gentile and we had better beware. The Jewish community is disappearing. (Of course we, the Jewish American community grew by over 1 million in the USA  in the last decade. I guess they hadn’t noticed.). Or they try to tell us that the Tea Party members are antisemites, antisemites who overwhelmingly support Israel, yeah OK. They try to tell us that the Leftist ideology doesn’t mean they want to destroy Israel, it only means that Jewish holyplaces and security are not important and that Jews have no right to self-defense. Update: The Occupy Wall Street movement is endowed with antisemitism. Infact not even the ADL demanded a retraction from the OWS organizers of this extreme antisemitism until they were embarrassed into doing so. (Also don’t say there is no center of the OWS movement. They have leaders or People’s Congresses on the ground that could condemn such talk and actions. But when asked to they refused. But OWS Denver did find time to declare a dog their leader.) But then they categorized their demand by claiming the antisemitism is only a fringe element and not really part and parcel of OWS despite all the evidence to the contrary. I suppose if Obama says this group is important than his acolytes in the Jewish community have to find some way to defend him.

These so-called, non-elected leaders, sit afraid that anyone would hold them up to account for their own ineptitude. But heck they did get to meet with Obama last week and learn that its the Jew’s responsibility, to search their hearts to find out if they really want peace. Not the Palestinians, not the Arabs, but its the Jews who have to search their souls to see if they are truly good people. When are any of them going to stand up and tell the truth that Obama is a stinking antisemite?

The leaders of the Jewish American community need to grow a spine and learn some self-respect. The problem with them is that they are so weighted down in their own leftist ideology that they can’t bring themselves to say “Holy crap we made a terrible mistake and helped elect a Haman to the Oval Office.” They can’t bring themselves to disown leftist ideology who says its OK to murder our children and that Jewish blood means nothing. It’s not politically correct. They can’t castigate someone’s freedom of speech. That might mean someone might think they don’t believe in the right to abortion, that they don’t think gays have a right to marry and that  ***gasp** someone might think they are racist. They can’t yell and scream and shout that universities and colleges across this nation sound like they play host to  Nazis Party Rallies especially this week, because quite frankly these Jewish leaders are chickenshit.

Well here’s a message from those of us with children in college (who actually know what is going on in the world) to the leaders of the organized Jewish community…go FUCK yourselves. Don’t ask me for money, don’t send me pledge cards, don’t tell me that my child is going to be lost to Judaism. Really- Really. Why should I support those who allow my children to navigate a world of hate and do nothing to help them? Why should I pay for some over-bloated bureaucracy of self-important inept egocentric megalomaniacal losers who have decided that the best strategy is to do…nothing? They decide-Let’s put the kids in the forefront of the battle. Let’s tell them its their job to fight the fight while we, the leaders sit in our plush offices on Madison and Park Avenue having lunch at the Four Seasons. After all they write editorials to the New York Times and argue with Friedman and Beinart. Update: read Caroline Glick’s discussion of the recent JFNAGA where Beinart and other anti-Israel Jews were guest speakers and there was even a discussion about how to incorporate them into the US Jewish community. Seems that these Jewish “leaders” have decided that teaching the truth to our young people and helping them stand up for what is right is beyond their ability. It seems that giving our children the tools to demand the truth on college campuses and to stand up to those that would subvert Jewish history, law and religion is beyond the ability of the Jewish community so instead they let their children be raised with self-hatred. They allow their children to use as idols Jews who hate their fellow Jews. 

They are raising the flag of defeat just like the Jewish students in England who handed out Palestinian flags to prove that “hey they’re down with a Palestinian State” notwithstanding that that state spreads Nazi-like hate, names squares for child murderers and promotes genocide against their fellow Jews. Too bad they just don’t get that when these Arab-Nazis mean Israel, they do mean Jews (In fact in Arabic they always say Jew, they just switch the verbiage to Israel for western consumption) and they do mean to kill all Jews not just the ones who live in Israel. Ask any Sephardic Jew who ran from the now Judenrein Arab world what it was like to be a dhimmi under Arab-Moslem rule. Or better yet, try reading the blog Point of No Return.

I, like other Jewish American parents, will do what is necessary to protect my children as they navigate the college world and the world beyond. But don’t count me as a member of any national Jewish organization or group unless those leaders actually grow a pair of balls.

UPDATE: Sadly I am not the only one who sees the hypocrisy and outright self-importance and uselessness of the Jewish American leadership. (Read another Caroline Glick column here.) These individuals are leading the Jewish people down a horrible path of subjugation. For what and for whom? Do they really think that their ability to be free is not tied into the usefulness of Israel and the free-world’s need for a democratic bastion in the war against terror? Do they not see that the demonization of Israel, “settlers” really mean Jews? (read Bret Stephens of the Wall Street Journal who asks this same question. Are Settlers not Human) These so-called leaders are an embarrassment, the memorial services for the Fogels not withstanding. (Actually if you think about it, with only 1000 in attendance and 2000 on line, in the city with the largest Jewish population in the world is a shame. Do the Jews of the world think that they would not have been targeted if these murderers could have gotten to their children? Ignorance is bliss they say. I say Ignorance is self-destructive.) They hide their heads and hope the hate will blow over. But such hate only dies after millions of Jews have suffered. It is time that Jews stopped reacting and started being proactive in defending their right to exist, be free and be strong. It is time to stop apologizing for being Jews and free. Purim teaches us that we need to take back our right to defend ourselves and not leave it to those too afraid to open their mouths. One day they will see that history does repeat itself, if you do nothing. Hopefully it will happen before it is too late for the rest of us.

UPDATE: Someone is catching up to my way of thinking. read here from American Thinker.

UPDATE: The Jewish-American community is at a huge crossroads…it is a turning point in our history. Right now it can go either way. We can disappear as the Jews did in Babylon or as they did under the Nazis. It is only a matter of history which way it will go for us. 

If we wish to be here generations from now we must teach our children who they are, where they come from and that they have a right to live, be free and be respected as human beings by the world community. That we as Jews do not have to ask permission of the world to exist anywhere on Earth, especially in our ancient homeland and we have the right to be seen as equals in the nations of our birth. It is time for the Jewish community of the United States to take off their blinders, wake up and fight for your children’s future. We also do not have to let into our community Jews who will not defend the Jewish people. Nowhere do you have to incorporate traitors into your midst. Something happened to the morals and right thinking of the Western world. Every opinion is not a valid opinion and every political position is not a valid position. You do not have to respect something someone says or believes just because they believe it.

We as Americans like to describe ourselves as defending freedoms inherent in the Bill of Rights. But because you defend someone else’s right to spew hatred, it does not diminish your right to speak the truth. The question becomes why do you as a person belong to a political machine that denies your humanity and your right to exist? Why do you wish to incorporate those Jews into your community that turn on their fellow Jews and betray the Jewish people to their murderers? Why do you belong to a political machine that holds your heritage to a double standard and uses this failure to live up to unreal expectations as a reason to call for your destruction? Why do you belong to a political machine and ideology that tries to remove from you your existence as a human being? Why do you belong to a political machine and ideology that asks only the Jew to denounce their own people in order to belong?  Ask yourself these questions. Try asking the right questions even though you may not like the answers. It is time for the Jews of America to deal with this reality before it is too late.


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