Administration Appointees Seek the Destruction of Israel

Samantha Powers, the erstwhile blame-evil-America-Harvard professor best known for her Soros-funded-policy of “responsibility to protect,” which led to the unconstitutional Libyan intervention, is now going to be the US Ambassador to the UN. Nice for the Jew-haters of the world. She once called for the USA to attack Israel, and ethnically cleanse Judea and Samaria of Jews. I wonder what she thought would happen when those Jews and the State of Israel wouldn’t just let a US armed expedition into their country. Some more mass murder of Jews? Here are her five worst statements care of The Washington Free Beacon.

Secretary of State Kerry tells Israelis the reason there is no peace is because Israel is too rich. Great way to get the peace process rolling with a little dose of antisemitism from the US Secretary of State. Kerry then tells Netanyahu if the PA falls its his fault. Not the fact that Abbas has been illegally in power for years, that is not a problem. But Israel not acceding to everyone of the PA’s demands before negotiations begin is the problem that will cause the collapse of the non-existent Palestinian government. Then to add insult to injury,  Kerry comes before a group of left-leaning Jewish-Americans and basically tells them that the world blames only Israel for the lack of peace in the Middle East and for all the Islamist-terrorism. He continued on that if there is no Palestinian State the world will hate the Jews and ipso facto all Jewish life is then forfeit.

Susan Rice, the Benghazi liar, is going to be National Security adviser. She once lambasted Israel for forcing her to veto a resolution about settlements that she really wanted to support. And this was on one of her good days. Granted she did receive an award from the AJC for being pro-Israel. But remember this was also the group Kerry felt comfortable enough in front of to tell them that all the world’s problems are the Jews’ fault.

Last week the Pentagon “inadvertently” released information about the location and configuration of the Arrow missile defense systems in Israel. With Hagel at the helm does anyone really believe that this was done without higher-up approval? HERE

While Iran motors toward a nuclear weapon the Obama administration still is acting as if some new currency  sanctions are going to work. Even though the old ones have done nothing to slow Iran’s nuclear program. If you think that this administration is simply biding its time until Iran’s bomb is at a point of no return then you would be right. Funny it’s not Israel that is screaming the loudest about Obama’s inadequacy in dealing with Iran. It’s the Arab Gulf States who are now seeking their own nuclear weapons to counter a hostile and violent Iran.

Who would have believed that the day would come when a mortal threat to Israel came from inside the White House and the American government? Actually those of us who watched this administration knew. But not the majority of Jewish-American voters. They worried more about abortion than about the survival Israel. Their refusal to stand up to this administration about its antisemitic nature shows a vapidness of character and a suicidal lack of common sense.

But worse are the Jewish organizations like AIPAC, that refused to stand and be counted when the nominations of the antisemites began. Refusing to actually fight the good fight against the anti-Israel hate that infects this administration for fear of offending some Democratically aligned donors makes these Jewish leaders complicit in the death of every Jewish child to come. They are beyond embarrassments. They are simply chickenshit.

In the end anyone who thinks that the Obama administration has anything but evil animus towards the State of Israel is living in a land with unicorns and fairy dust.

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