Tiananmen Square Massacre Anniversary

June 3-5, 1989

In the background you can see where the protestors erected a Statue of Liberty.

As the Chinese Army moved in to stop the protests this image became iconic of Tiananmen Square:

The world has moved on from that evil episode.  China has become important to world economic stability so it is easy to forget that damnable day.

But the world should never forget those that died simply because they asked their government for more freedoms and democracy. The protestors had no weapons. They only had their voices, their bodies and an inordinate amount of courage.

China is still a  bastion of human rights abuses. China is never held to account. Political correctness and cultural relativism has concluded that society cannot judge the culture of another country. China hides behind this failed multicultural garbage to claim the way they run their nation is  a result of their history and no outsider can judge them.

The powers that be in the world then slink away; afraid to question, afraid to condemn, afraid to hold China to a modicum of decency. The world thinks that with economic interaction China will see the light. Realpolitik has gone from supporting anti-communist dictators to making excuses for communist controlled countries as long as they show some modicum of capitalist leanings. The geopolitical fallacy of engagement with China as a way to reform their human rights abuses shows in its continued brutal crack down of dissidents and one-party control.

The diplomatic talking heads claim we need China to engage with North Korea. But in reality, China is as threatened by that regime as we are. It is a false flag worry, one used to deflect from the incompetent and Machiavellian machinations of the State Department and the western world in dealing with China.

China is not a benign actor. She threatens the South China Sea Lanes. She threatens Japan. She threatens Australia. She threatens our position in protecting our allies in the Pacific. China threatens our economy with currency manipulation. China attacks our cyber networks, infrastructure  and threatens our ability to protect ourselves.

It is time for the powers that be to remember the evil that rules China. The anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre is a good starting point.

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