Cory Booker’s Dvar Torah: The Strength of Judaism

Repost August 2011

Despite his hostage video during the 2012 Presidential campaign I am still partial to a political leader like Cory Booker. This clip is just a taste of his ability to respect the world around him. I think Newark is very lucky. And yes if he ran on a national level I would probably vote for him, even if he is a democrat. Kol ha kavode.


No I don’t think one has to be an ultra religious Jew to follow the precepts that Mayor Booker discussed. We are anything but an observant family. Yet who we are and where we come from is not lost on my children.

As my oldest son told me when asked why he minored in Holocaust studies,”On my skin, I am an atheist,” he answered, “but at my core I am and always will be a Jew.” He understands the responsibility handed down to him by his ancestors. That alone is a good place to start in life.


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