Compare and Contrast Presidents

Yesterday Bush 43 opened his Presidential Library in Dallas. On hand were all five living former and current Presidents of the United States. It was quite the ode to democracy and the ideals of the US Constitution. Here, on one stage, sat the most powerful men of the world who willingly gave up that power in honor of a political system more important than their own ambitions. We may not agree with, nay we may actually loathe some of these men, but in the end they are the epitome of our Constitution in action.

Meanwhile here is GWB’s speech at the opening of his library. It is the tell-tale thoughts of a man who adores the nation he served.

And of course, in true Clinton fashion, Bill had them all laughing while giving a truly lovely and honorable speech….

On the other hand here is the speech by our current POTUS. Forever the campaigner and the cajoler. While the other Presidents used this moment to congratulate 43 on the opening of his library and even Carter made an effort to remind the world of the good works GWB has done especially in Africa, our current POTUS used this moment to try to score political points against his Republican adversaries in Congress. Stay classy Barack….


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