Yom HaShoah Siren Jerusalem, Israel April 8, 2013

At 10am on Holocaust Remembrance Day, a siren sounds all over Israel. Everyone stops in their tracks to honor the 6 million Jews murdered by the Nazis during WW2. People stand completely still. Traffic comes to a halt. People exit and stand next to their cars. The entire nations comes to a stand still.

Then life moves on….always remembering the special task of living that lay ahead of us. And if need be, always in defiance of those that wish the Jewish people destruction.

While peace is a daily  prayer, you cannot make peace without a partner that wishes for a true peace. Sadly that partner does not exist (and probably never really did) no matter how many  knots into which you twist yourself and your dreams.

Am Yisrael Chai…the Jewish People live. We have lived for over 3500 years and will live on forever no matter what our enemies wish.

Video courtesy of the Jewish Agency


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